Thursday, August 21, 2008



Total losses this round: 14.8
Current Weight: 218.4


Just wanted to give a quick update! Ed is having an excellent round so far-he is only 1.4 lbs from his LIW from his last round. In just a day or two he'll be entering new territory. I'm amazed how different he looks in just 11 days!

Great news with my sweet sis-she is also on day 11 and is down 9.8 lbs! I'm in awe of her determination and commitment (she's way stronger than we ever were) I see why she is the older sister-I'm so proud of her!

We are getting so excited about the HCG cruise! Ed wants to continue the protocol until he hits 199 and then maintain until the cruise so we'll see...

Speaking of the cruise!

As you may have heard, there is an HCG cruise planned in November. Among those of us who will be attending is Biz! Not only is Biz a great friend to so many of us but she is an amazing example of success doing the protocol! What we would like to do to show her all of our love and appreciation is have a fund raiser to help pay for her airfare and cruise! We are hoping to raise around $700 by September 16, 2008-which will cover both expenses. Please don’t feel obligated in any way to donate, but if it’s at all possible we would greatly appreciate your donation in ANY amount (every bit counts).

To make an easy donation we’ve set up a secure online PayPal account where you can click on the donation button below to place your donation!

Please feel free to email us at je underscore mcnair at yahoo dot com or leave a comment if you have any questions!

Hope ya'll are doing well! I'll update again soon.

P.S. Um, just to clarify in case there was any confusion out there-I'M NOT PREGNANT (ya kiddin' me?!) LOL

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Still here, just enjoying summmmaaatime!

Hello friends! YES we are still alive and we're doing GREAT! The kids are gone and we have been taking full advantage of our "alone time!" Sorry to be MIA-we have had some technical difficulties with the computer plus I don't have the freedom of being online anytime I want like I used to-not to mention we are avoiding anything that requires WORK-lol!

So guess what? My sis is starting her first round on the 9th and Ed is going to be doing it with her-we are so excited!!! It's our anniversary that day too so Ed thought it would be the perfect time to start (and load) so VLCD starts on the 11th! Ed is up around 10 lbs and is just fine with that knowing he is going to be starting another round-what did we ever do without HCG?! I'm doing good-I'm still holding around 122-124 lbs. I have learned to enjoy occasional splurges in moderation and that protein days are a lifesaver or should I say "weightsaver!"

I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging in the future since I'd like to start spending more time in the HCG Forum. If you are not a member there please join! It is the #1 HCG site on the web and has so much useful information. Here is the addy:

A big skinny "THANKS" to all of you who are continuing to read and check on our lonely blog over here. I'll update again when buddy boy and sis start!

Peace and Love!

P.S. We miss ya'll!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life is gooooood!

LIW: 217.8
Today: 222.0


Hollllllllllllllllah! How is everybody? We wanted to give ya'll a quick update. We picked the kids up from the airport last Wednesday and when they saw us they were surprised at how different we look. We are having such a great time with them and what's even better is we feel so good and have so much energy to play with them rather than watch them play! Ed and I keep thinking back to last summer and how different we felt-what a difference 45 and 60 pounds make!

We are doing great as far as the scale goes too! Ed is up a little today because he ate some of the brown rice that I made for dinner last night. I ate the brown rice too and didn't gain-hee, hee! I made the most delicious low carb cheesecake too-here is the recipe:,,FOOD_9936_27072,00.html

I'm still shocked at how much food we can eat and still maintain. It's been 3 months since I've been done with the protocol and I'm STILL staying at the same weight. I remember reading in the manuscript that the success rate is 60%-70%-what other "diets" have those numbers? Each day when we step on the scale we feel excited that we actually found something that WORKED! How great life is not having to be on a DIET!!!!

We've hardly been on the computer since the kids have been here but I still make time to check on ya'll! Thanks for always checking on us too! We are having such a great time and enjoying being with our kids so much. We really cherish the time we have with them because they grow up so fast-whaaaaaaa!

We have another fun filled day ahead so I better get this posted! I'll make sure and update again soon. Stay cool and be safe! Love you guys!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ed's R4 is OVER!

Total R4 Loss: -20.2
LIW: 217.8
Today: 218.0


Yep that's right, Ed is finally finished with this round!!! His LIW was on Friday and WE ard both glad he's done ;) Yesterday was his first P3 day and he enjoyed eggs and steak with blue cheese and thought he was in heaven. It was really funny because I was asking him on Sunday what he wants for his first P3 meal and he said "can I do a steak day, even though I'm not over my LIW?" I'm tellin' ya he LOVES the steak days and it doesn't bother him to wait all day to eat (unlike me). Speaking of...

I have to tell ya'll about my experiment. This weekend I "over indulged" on a few starchy items and I gained 3 lbs...I know. Lesson: Don't eat white rice, spring rolls w/peanut sauce, chex mix (don't ask) and roasted soy beans all day. I'm blaming PMS! Okay, so instead of doing a steak day or an egg day I did the "both day"-LOL! Reading Monica's blog reminded me about what Dr. S says about the hunger-edema and to eat 2 eggs in the morning, huge steak at lunch and another steak at dinner (followed by a large helping of cheese). So I decided to try it-even though I wasn't protein deficient-which is why you do this in the first place. Well it was a success-I lost 1.4 which is about what I lose when I do an egg day (I tend to lose more on egg days than steak days). Today I will be doing an egg day to get me back down. You know I've accepted the fact that if I'm going to eat starches and sugar that I'm most likely going to gain. I do my best not to freak out when I see the gains I just decide that moment to get it handled and not have ANOTHER day of sugar or starches. Maintaining is work and I do believe that being thin and staying thin is about making conscious decisions about what I eat. I keep my weight in check by weighing everyday and then if I do see I've gained more than 2 lbs then I make sure and do a protein day. Even though my hypo has been reset the fact is I have to continually make healthy food choices. I'm learning what foods I can have together and which ones I can't. Remember awhile back when I had the DQ blizzard and didn't gain? Looking back on that day I ate mostly proteins. When I combine starches and sugar it seems that's when I get in trouble. I'm learning!

I sure can't wait until you are all at your goal weights. Maintaining and hanging near LIW is a journey in itself. Hurry up, I need ya'll! LOL

Well our life is about to completely change in 1 day! The kids will be here and we have many "Edventures" planned. Camping, fishing, swimming, water parks, skate parks and who knows what else. We are really looking forward to it. I will still update once a week just to keep ya'll informed and to check on you. Please know that even if we don't comment that we do check on each one of you...our blogger buds! We appreciate all of your love and support.

Be well!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ed: P2D33-Almost done!

Total R4 Loss: -18.0
Current weight: 220.0


How's everybody doing out there? All is well here with us in blazing HOT Texas! I'm telling you if there's any reason Ed and I wanted to lose weight it's so we could survive the hot, humid summer months with way less insulation! We didn't begin this protocol until the end of August of last year so we spent most of summer FAT, ahhh how things have changed!

Ya'll things have just been crazy for us! I feel like everything is hitting us at once and we have so much to do before the kids arrive in 7 days!!!! Ed is doing great but feeling a little disappointed that this round hasn't been his "award winning round". I keep reminding him that 18 lbs gone in 33 days is outstanding compared to any other "diet" he could ever do (especially since he has NOT been strict with his P2 foods this round). So here's the plan-Ed is going to go until he gets to 215 as his LIW and then do P3 until the mid of July and then start back for one last round to get under 200 lbs. I personally think my man looks great right now. It's amazing to me how the HCG not only makes you lose pounds but INCHES! Gotta love it!

So, I'm back to my usual 121 (and some change). This is my sweet spot and where my body seems to like to be. I went shopping yesterday and it's still so crazy for me to pick up size 4's and have them fit-what a feeling...what a GREAT feeling!

Hope our buddies out there are doing good! We want to give a special shout out to Regina-(EweWho) who entered Onederland today-we are so proud of you-66 lbs gone forevaaaaaaa-keep going!!! Hope everyone else is doing good and your "fat is melting away like crisco on the blacktop in the hot sun, on a sunny day, on a summer solstice, with no cloud cover, like the hottest day ever" as Jerry would say! For the rest of you in P3, happy maintaining!!!

Take care friends!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ed: P2D26

Total R4 Loss: -13.2
Current weight: 224.8


When the goin' gets tough...the tough KEEP goin' (this is what Ed said this morning after his injection)! Ya'll this has been the most interesting round for both Ed and I (and I'm not even on a round-LOL). I really commend all of you who have done round after round living with people who are not doing the protocol. We always refer to this protocol and experience as a "Journey" and even with Ed and I being in 2 different stages of this we are both still realizing and learning about our relationship with food and why we were overweight. By golly I think we're getting it!

We had a great weekend and tried to be out as much as possible. We ate crawfish and seafood and enjoyed the HOT weather...NOT! It's been so hot that the only way you can be outside is if you are in the boat on the lake or in the swimming pool!

So as of today Ed is up 2.8 lbs from where he was a week ago. Ed wants to keep going so I mixed him up a new batch of HCG for another 14 days. I wonder if the more rounds you go the more relaxed you get about it. It's so vitally important to follow P2 as written if you want to have optimal results. I believe that the daily losses is what makes this protocol successful and why people stick to it. If you are deviating and not eating the P2 menu you don't get to enjoy those losses that keeps you motivated to keep going. Ed is determined to succeed and go as many rounds as it takes at HIS pace. When he does deviate he doesn't beat himself up or stress about it he just takes it as "I'm not worried about it" so because of that I don't nag or give him "the look" this is his own experience.

So want to hear something really great that happens when your body has found it's set point and why ya'll should keep going and get to that weight that you want to stay at? I've mentioned that I'm eating what I please (I stick to fresh foods and proteins as much as possible). I don't count my cals and I even had a Dairy Queen blizzard and I didn't even go up 1 oz the next day. I couldn't wait to tell ya'll that! Yeah today I'm up 1 lb but I fluctuate up a pound down a pound-it's all gooooooooooooood! As "hard" as those 3 rounds seemed to be at times, it's sooooo worth the reward! Keep going...

Ya'll thanks for the comments! I've decided the easiest thing is making my rounds and leaving comments for you on your blog. My computer time is nothing like it used to be and with summer vacation almost here and 4 kids, it will really be limited. Please know that we do check on all of you! Jerry-bud, you need to email us at je_mcnair at yahoo dot com. Your comment is so funny and we need to correspond through email! Hope things are going well for you!

Alrighty then, we're signing off for now! Take care and have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ed: P2D18-C'mon let's get to the teens already!

Today's Loss: -0.4
Total R4 Loss: -16.0
Current weight: 222.0


Well helllllllllllllo there! Wow things could have been so much worse (as far as the scale goes). This weekend we were not home at all so we had to do the best we could. Ed actually did pretty good, he's still a pound lower than where he was on Thursday and I'm .6 down! What Ed did while eating out is he made sure he stayed as close to 500 cals as possible. I've learned what works best for me is to focus on eating plenty of protein with veggies. Ed keeps commenting how the HCG has really made it where he hasn't been hungry, gotta love it!

So guess what? This weekend we are going to...another crawfish boil! Ed says he doesn't want to take an interrupted break so he'll just have to deal with any gain! This will be the last crawfish boil of the season so we couldn't pass it up! ;)

Not much to report! We are busy getting ready for the summer since all 4 kids will be out! I feel like we have so much to do in a short 3 weeks. We are really looking forward to it!

Thanks to our fellow bloggers for your comments! We also want to give a special shout out to Jerry from Richmond, VA-It's awesome you decided to take the plunge! We wish you as much success as we've had-it's been an amazing journey so far. Please keep us posted (your comments crack us up)!

We'll be updating again in a few days! Thanks as always for your visits! Take care friends.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ed: P2D14-Another day in Protocoland!

Today's Release: (loss) -0.0
Total R4 Release: (loss) -15.0
Current weight: 223.0


What's up LOSERS who are major WINNERS! Wow, things have been a bit hectic for us these last couple of days. We've had to eat out a couple of times so Ed hasn't exactly stuck to the protocol BUT he hasn't been gaining-which is great! Today Ed is doing the P2 "egg day" to get the fat loss back in action!

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better and eating a very balanced P4 menu and still maintaining. I'm not limiting myself on starches and I'm eating what sounds good (which a lot of the time is salads). As I've mentioned before, I feel that my body has found it's set point. It's been 2 months since my LIW and I'm 6.8 over. I think 115 is a bit unrealistic-for me, 120 is a very healthy weight so to maintain right here NOT being on a diet feels wonderful! Guess what? The Protocol WORKS!!!

Hope all is well our blogger buds-I will be making my rounds today to get caught up on ya'll! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and well wishes!

We will be gone most of the weekend (weddings and family) so I hope Ed can continue being strong....we shall see! LOL

Have a great Friday and a great weekend! Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ed: P2D11-Still on the Losin' Train!!!

Today's Release: -0.8
Total R4 Release: -15.0
Current weight: 223.0

119.8 (this is not accurate because I've been sick)

Well long time no write my friends! So sorry we haven't updated until now. We have been gone and then I've been sick (in bed can't move, sick). Today I am feeling better and by tomorrow I'll be back to my usual self!!!

Ed has been doing great! We went out for Mexican food on Saturday and he ate chips and queso (his favorite) and had 2 off protocol beverages and guess what? He still lost the next day! Yesterday I couldn't get out of bed so he was on his own to prepare his food. He stayed under 500 cals (eating various off protocol foods) and lost again! Let's say it together.....MEN!!!!

So all is well here in Protocoland! I'm anxious to check on ya'll to see how things are going in your worlds! Thanks Becca, Biz, Liz, B, Mary Moe, Lili, Monica and Crystal for your comments (as always). We really appreciate the time you take to leave us your words of love, encouragement and support!!!

Okay another day down! Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ed: P2D6!

Yesterday's Loss: - 2 lbs
Today's Loss: - 1 lb
Total R4 Release: -12.0
Current weight: 226.0

122.2 (down 1.2)
(did an egg day yesterday)

Hi ya'll! Quick post today! Ed is down 12 lbs already-he was a little disappointed that he "only" lost 1 lb this morning but HE figured out that he had too much Soy Milk yesterday (I told him but he thought it would be "okay"). I want to clarify that the ONLY reason why we are drinking Soy Milk is because we need to use it up. On previous rounds Ed and I only used half and half and we would recommend you use that. If all else fails-follow the manuscript! LOL

I've been at 123.4 so yesterday I decided to do an egg day to see if this weight is my set point. I lost 1.2 (which normally on egg days I lose more than that). So I'm thinking this is right where my body wants to be-and I'm JUST FINE with that!

We need to get going but I wanted to tell Marrrray, Crystal (I wrote a comment in your blog about the dressing), Connie, Becca, Lil, Biz, Jan, B, THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS!

Jerry, this is Ed! All those things being said is from all the "nay-sayers." Dr. Simeons' Protocol is not something new. There have been thousands and thousands of successful cases (male and female) with no ill side effects. I have had none of the issues you are referring to. BTW, this is not anything close to Steroids or HCH! HCG is a natural hormone. Let me know if you have another questions! Again I've been overweight my entire life and because of this Protocol and the HCG I'm finally losing weight and feeling better than I ever have-you should go for it!

We appreciate all your visits-we'll update again soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ed: P2D4- Holding strong...


Yesterday: 231.0
Today: 229.0
Release: -2.0
Total R4 Release: -9.0

I felt like I was eating all day and I'm down another .4-I'll take it!

Ed's Menu:
B: coffee w/2 Tbls Soy Milk & Stevia
S: 1/2 grapefruit
L: chili made with 96/4 beef, 1 whole egg
D: grilled chicken salad topped with 1/2 chopped apple & ginger dressing, 2 melba crackers
1.5 L water, lots and lots of coffee

9 POUNDS ALREADY!!! I think he's going to break his own record for the most lbs. lost in one week (on all the rounds). He's still holding strong and hasn't deviated! I kind of feel bad when I'm making myself snacks and he doesn't get any! I was once again reminded yesterday though while I was preparing his meals that you can eat a decent amount of food for only 500 cals (especially salads since lettuce has so few cals).

Ya'll thanks so much for all your comments. Ed reads the comments daily and really appreciates that you're here for him!

So on that note, how 'bout them comments-
Moni Moni- YES, Ed is totally in the zone! I did change things up a bit yesterday (it was time for some fresh, raw food) but he still pulled a 2 pounder. I'm curious to see how Nakia will do with the beef twice a day. I have learned through all the rounds that protein is key! I even do 4 oz if the meat is really lean (turkey breast or chicken breast). Thanks AGAIN for your comments about the pics...we really feel great and I can't wait to see Ed after another 30 lbs-hubba, hubba!

Becca- I know, isn't it crazy how these guys lose so much? You know it's because they have more to lose. As your experiencing-the closer you get to your goal weight the slower it takes! My last 10 lbs felt like an eternity! And yes, I am so sweet for making all his meals-LOL!

Bizzy Biz- You always have our "back" dontcha! I appreciated the Anon comment. They didn't know what they were saying. We are the ones who have lost the weight and time will prove us right! I just think it's funny they did it Anon-it reminds me of the scrawny punk kid that wouldn't say anything to your face-they would wait until they were down the block before they yell something so that they could yell and run!!! We love you too Bizzzzzzzzzz!

B- Hi B! I have you added to my "daily doses" so we'll be watching you! Okay so this weekend you start right? P2 is so comforting isn't it?!

Aimie- OH NO, he has passed ya girl! How about me and you compete okay? I need to lose 3.2. Now we both know you'll beat me so does that make you feel any better? Girl, I feel your pain being with your "I eat-what-I-want-when-I-want man." Just remember P2 is so short term and before you know it you'll be at goal and so grateful you resisted and stayed strong. IT'S SO WORTH IT!

We wanted to let you all know that we did a video regarding some of the questions that were asked on the Mike and Juliet Show. We only did one take (so please bare with us). If ya'll are curious feel free to check it out at: (part 1)
& (part 2)

Okay well that's all she wrote for now! Have a great day friends and don't do anything Ed wouldn't! ROFL

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ed: P2D3 Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Yesterday: 235.0
Today: 231.0
Release: -4.0
Total R4 Release: -7.0


What? It's Monday again already!!! Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Ed is off to a GREAT start! It's amazing to me that in just 2 VLCD days he has already lost 7 lbs. On the last round Ed's favorite meal was chili so I've been making that for him for the past 2 days, as both meals (he's so easy to please). For his fruit he's been eating 1/2 grapefruit in the morning and the other half in the evening. Yesterday he was saying that he can tell he has HCG back in his system because he hasn't felt any hunger!

I want to get back down to my more realistic weight of 120 lbs (115 was a bit low for my maintenance weight). Since before Mexico I have not exercised, I was planning on it today but it's so rainy outside so tomorrow will be day! It shouldn't take me long to lose these last few pounds. It's such a wonderful feeling to eat what I feel like eating and not gain (granted I eat lots of organic fruits, veggies, no processed or fried foods). I've even had pasta and rice this week and I weigh less than my last weigh in! LOVE IT!!!

In response to comments:
Aime- Hey girly! It's so unfair how good guys do on this protocol-lucky dawgs!!! Well Mr. Ed is determined to have his weight gone by the end of May and if he's a "good boy" he just may. Tattoo? c'mon hurry Aim!

Becca- "NO GRAVY" train is right! It does seem strange having him on P2 on me not. I keep telling him that I feel like "I'm forgetting something." Thank goodness I'm at goal because I wouldn't want to do it again. His mind set is so much stronger this round than any other round (probably because he knows not only does he have ME but he has ya'll to whip him into shape)!

Marrray- D'hope (stupid TOM)! Okay we're on our way to "slap our sista silly"-love ya girl and you'll have the small gain lost in a couple of days!

Anonymous- Thanks for your comment! We worked really hard for those gains living it up in Mexico for 10 days (not being on a diet)! You wouldn't believe how much food we ate for that small of a gain! After a few days of being home we were at the same weights as we were before we left! Ed was trying to set a record on his 2 load days for his 4th round (and he feels he accomplished that-LOL). Amazingly in just 2 days he's already lost 7 lbs! In 7 1/2 months of doing this protocol this is the farthest thing from any "band-aid therapy" we have seen and done! One thing Ed and I know for a fact is that if we aren't getting the results, we are NOT following the protocol. I seem to be "stuck" between 121-125 lbs and a size 4 no matter what I eat! Not bad considering I've been off my last round and eating normally for over 8 weeks (most people have a hard time not gaining even when they are on a diet).

Jan- And how YOU been? Yeah that's it, I'll just have Biz handle Ed this round (except she doesn't scare him)! LOL

Shell- Ya'll are so funny! I'm looking forward to his antics too! LOL Like I've mentioned he has a new found determination this round to get this done ONCE and for ALL! Keep the faith!!

It's so exciting to have so many people on P2! Hope ya'll have a great week, keep shrinking!!!

Thanks for checking on us!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

VLCD #1- Here we go again!!!


Today: 238.0

And he's off.....

Ed started out right, he really lived up his 2 loading days. Last round he said he didn't load enough so he had to make sure that he didn't let that happen again (wink, wink).

It's been really funny listening to Ed's new found determination for doing this round better than any other round and "going until I get to 199 lbs, however long it takes!" You tell 'em hun!

I feel out of the loop planning for Ed's food and not planning for "our" food. I plan on cooking us the same meals (I'll just eat more). I'm excited for Ed to hit goal-if he doesn't deviate he could lose some pounds FAST! In previous rounds he always had great losses but would deviate-so I think he's determined enough this round to get it done (especially since it's going to be his last round).

Things are settling down a bit. On Monday I'll start back into my fitness program. I have been feeling great! My last weigh in I was 125.2, I'm going to get back down to 120 as my maintenance weight. This week I'll stick to mostly proteins and raw foods.

Well shoot it's been so long since I've responded to comments so, in response to comments:
Bizinator- I know, aren't those pics perfect pics of paradise? I always get bugged that Ed takes so many pictures but thank goodness he does!!! Biz, thanks for everything-I love you!

B- Hey you!! Thanks so much for your comments and checking on us and thanks for your sweet compliments. I need to go check on ya!

Marrray Moe- It's my Texas sis! Glad you liked the pics..."hot" did you call me "hot?" Talking about's almost summer and you better get ready ready to wear a bikini with me!

Amie- Another sweet blogger bud who leaves us the nicest comments-THANKS GIRL! I wonder how you've been doin'-I'm so glad to have you back in Protocoland-we missed ya!

Liz- Awww thanks, you are so sweet. Being on the M&J Show was quite the experience-we are glad we looked normal unlike the psycho Dr.! So glad to hear you'll be starting another round. It seems like so many people are starting! We're here for ya!

Jan- You're so great, thanks so much for being here for us and always cheering us on.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments-ya'll sure know how to make us feel good!

Okay well I'm off to make lunch-have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ed started Round 4 TODAY!!!

Hello to our dear friends!!
Here are a few pics of Mexico and New York. Ed started his first load day today for Round 4-I will be updating with stats tomorrow!
Hope ya'll know how much we appreciate YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Want more information about HCG?

Quick Update!

What an amazing experience! We are at the airport now and we will be back to Houston at 5:00 pm. We are so grateful for this opportunity to represent this Protocol and help bring light to the cure to obesity! The results speak for themselves-not only ours but everyone else who has done the Protocol properly. If you are sick of being overweight and tired of dieting you have come to the right community. Like our blog says "know the way, go the way, show the way!"

If you found our blog via the Mike and Juliet Morning Show and are looking for more information regarding HCG, please go here:

I'll update more this evening! THANK YOU again for all of your love, encouragement and support!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The EDventure has begun!!!

Hello friends!

We had to take a minute to update our blog and fill you in on everything!

We arrived in New York yesterday at 1:30 pm. Fox has treated us with first class service starting with a limo which picked us up from the airport and then dropped us off at our hotel which is located across the street from Time Square (Ed is in heaven with all the LED signs)!

The driver then picked us up at 5:00 pm to go the studio to start the "shoot!" Ed and I both did separate interviews where they asked us general questions about being overweight, how we found HCG and how the diet works. After that they took the camera's on the street where they videoed us walking the streets, sitting on a bench at Union Square, going to a cafe having a drink and other various things. It was really funny because people were going up to the camera guys asking who we were and what we were doing. To say the least we had a great time! After the shoot we enjoyed walking downtown and then stopped at a great little place to "people watch" while we ate sushi. Since neither of us have spent much time in NY Ed insisted we take a ride on a "Petty Taxi" (they guys who ride you around in their carts on bicycles) to go to the "Top of the Rock" to view the amazing city-it was so beautiful!

Today we get to enjoy the day in the city and then we have to be at the studio tomorrow morning at 7:30 am to get ready to go LIVE at 9:00 am! We have no idea what to expect but we both feel very optimistic regardless of any opposing views. Ed and I are here to represent and be proof that this protocol WORKS!!!

We want to send you all a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your love, comments and support. We are so grateful for this opportunity and we feel truly blessed that through our HCG journey not only have we lost weight and feel better than EVER-we have become friends with all of you!

We fly home tomorrow afternoon and we are excited and thrilled for what "Edventures" are in store! Please send good vibes our way for the show tomorrow-we will represent HCG and this protocol and the AMAZING results that could benefit MILLIONS! The Mike and Juliet Morning show is on Fox and airs at 9 am and 10 am in various cities (check your local listings).

Okay ya'll we are off for the day! I'll make sure and update when we get home with all the details along with pics of NY and Mexico.

Love you all,
Ed and Jenn

P.S. We weighed yesterday morning before we left and from 2 steak days we are BOTH back to the weight we were before we left for Mexico-can you believe it?! THANK YOU Dr. S!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Paradise Found!

Gain: 6.2

Gain: 8.0

We are back and I'm finally updating our blog! We had the best 10 days we've ever had! The resort that we were originally booked with was really nice but really crowded-so on the 5th day we decided to rent a car and go exploring. We ended up driving about 1.5 hours from Playa Del Carmen and ended up taking the wrong but very "right" turn and came across PARADISE!

Ed is downloading pics and I hope to have them posted by this evening. I would try to explain but words do no justice, let's just put it this way-we ended up checking out of our hotel and extending our vacation so we could stay at our little found paradise as long as possible. Our little palapa was right on the beach and there were only 4 people there the entire time. There was no electricity so at night the only light we had was from candles and the big beautiful moon. We spent most of our days in the hammocks and on the cute canopy beds on the beach. We enjoyed great authentic Mexican food, lots of seafood and fresh sushi and everything else we wanted!

What a great feeling it was to eat and and enjoy our vacation not having to think about being on a diet. Believe it or not we were actually anxious to weigh when we got home just to see how our bodies responded to a full P4 and eating as we please. We both slept in yesterday and weighed in later than usual but we were both surprised and happy to see the gains weren't too bad. Yes, we are both quite a bit over our LIW but to only gain 6 and 8 lbs in 10 days (not to mention water retention from flying) we'll take it! We are doing a steak day today and then we'll be focusing on protein days until Ed starts his next round next week.

We have so much going on right now-back to reality! The only problem with going on vacation is everything is still here waiting to be done when you get home. I'm sure ya'll heard about the morning show that has contacted some of us regarding HCG. We hope to hear something by the end of the day. We'll make sure to keep you posted. We would love the opportunity to share our experience and journey with HCG. There are so many people who are looking for something that actually WORKS and we are the proof!!!

Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments while we were gone. Give us just a few more days and things will be back to "normal!"

Hope you are all doing well and I'll be checkin on ya this evening!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Viva Mexico!!!

Hello Friends-

We are the way out the door but we couldn't leave without bidding farewell! We have been so busy this week getting everything ready and WE ARE READY! We'll be enjoying the warm sun in less than 5 hours from now!

Mexico HERE WE COME!!!

We'll makes sure to have lots lots of yummy food for ya, have lots of fun for ya and lots take lots of pictures!

Take care ya'll! I'll make sure and update when we get home next Wednesday!

Love you all!

P.S. Didn’t weigh today but we have maintained this week. Oh dear what will the scale say when we get home? Oh yeah, WHO CARES?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

P4-Weekly update!

LIW: 115.0
Today: 122.2
LIW: +7.2

LIW: 222.0
Today: 225.0
LIW: +3.0

Well where have ya'll been? (hee, hee) Wow, it's been a whole week since I updated last?! Time flies when you’re having fun! The weather here in Houston is absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful so we've been out as much as possible.

On Sunday we took a wonderful drive to go see the fields of blue bonnets. We took food for a picnic and had our pup Jackson with us-it was a very memorable day (especially dessert)! I was looking through the bag of food that we bought and I noticed a suspicious food...I pull it out and ED had bought a Moon Pie (OMG, the last time I had one of those was when I was like 10 yrs old-him too)! Well the Moon Pie was the start of "gimmie more, I need more...gimmie sugar, any sugar!" After our picnic on our way home I was begging for another one and then Ed suggested Dairy Queen...oh yeah! Ed and I shared a blizzard AND a banana split PLUS a small fry (I will blame Ed for that one too)! Needless to say we were fearful of the scale allllllll week.

It's been a week since we weighed and guess what? We both only gained .6 from a week ago-not bad! I've been walking 60 min or jogging for 40 min each day and that along with my strength training is tightening me up! I used to work out (pre HCG) and I would feel how strong and solid my muscle was but I wasn't seeing much definition (too many layers of fat) so now it's a totally different experience to actually see my muscles and watch them change. I never really understood what overweight people meant when they said that they "hid" under their fat. Now, as I see my body as I'm meant to look I realize how "exposed" I am-nothing to hide behind. It's taking time for me to realize that this is for "real" and that I did get to my goal and that I don't need to diet anymore and most of all that I won't wake up and suddenly gain 50 lbs-I AM IN CONTROL! I think that's why Dr. S says to weigh everyday-to keep you in check and never let our weight get out of control EVER AGAIN!

In 4 days from now we will be in MEXICO!!!! We have been having so much fun shopping and getting ready to go. I bought everything I need except a swim suit (the item I need most)! We plan on going shopping again this weekend. We've been busy with work trying to get everything handled and the days are just flying by.

Thanks for checking on us ya'll-we appreciate your comments! Hope all is well in Protocoland!!!

Much love!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ed: P3D20 Jenn: P4D4 We booked our trip to MEXICO!

P4 Day 4
LIW: 115.0
Today: 121.8
LIW: +6.8

P3 Day 20
LIW: 222.0
Today: 224.4
LIW: +2.4

Guess what???? We are leaving for MEXICO in 11 days!!! We are leaving on April 14th and returning back to Houston on the 22nd! Want to see where we will be staying?

It's an "all inclusive" resort with several restaurants (one being Japanese my fav)! So we are going to be eatin and playing for 10 days! We are so excited we can hardly wait! I told ya'll that my flame bikini is too big so this weekend we are going shopping-could I be so lucky to find another one? I'm actually excited to go swim suit shopping (what a change)!

So I'm now back to 121-which seems to be the weight I keep falling back to! I did the egg day on Tuesday and lost .8 then yesterday I ate lots of protein and only 2 fruits and I had 3 cocktails with vodka and mineral water (with Stevia and limes) and I lost .4-NICE! I've been doing about 45 min of cardio each morning and then my strength training (alternating upper and lower body). Ed is holding strong at just above his 2 lb LIW. If we both could just maintain right here until we go to Mexico we'll be happy! C'mon bodies make this your "set point” actually I want 118 to be my “set point!”

I remember when we did our 1st round we had 4 weeks of P4 and according to my handy dandy calendar it took until day 5 of P4 before we didn't see crazy spikes on the scale with an occasional "treat!" One time we went out and ate sushi and we were stuffed and actually lost the next day! Another time we went out for Mexican food and pigged and lost too! I have faith in this protocol and I know it just takes some time for everything to balance out.

Awww, thanks for your comments my sweet little HCG family! We’re not going anywhere! I love our blog and I love ya'll! Like I wrote to Biz I just don't want anyone to call the Houston PD if I don't write everyday LOL!

Can you believe this week is almost over already?! C'mon time fly...I want to be in Mexico already!!!

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ed: P3D18 Jenn: P4D2 -Ready to start livin' NOT on a diet!

P4 Day 2
LIW: 115.0
Today: 123.0
LIW: +8.0

P3 Day 18
LIW: 222.0
Today: 227.0
LIW: +5.0

Well hello there blogger buds! How the heck are ya? Did it take me long enough to update our blog? Sheesh! Ed and I are such gypsies and you just never know where we are or what we are doing from one day to the next. The weather has been so beautiful here we are trying to get out as much as possible! Yesterday was our super duper spring cleaning which consisted of steam cleaning the carpets along with cleaning windows, blinds, vents, walls and everything else! What an awesome workout!!!

So ya'll I'm officially in P4 and Ed is almost there! We had a great weekend and neither one of us got on the scale. Quite frankly we just needed a break. Today I'm doing an egg day and Ed is doing a protein day so we can get our weekend weight off. I've continued to work out and the soreness is getting better. I read that while working out you can retain as much as 5 lbs in water and that it takes about 4 days for your body to flush it. My focus is on "stabilizing!" I did measurements today and all is well. I was up an inch on my waist last week and now I've gone down .25 so that was a nice surprise!

Thanks so much to Jan, Hazel, Becca, Shelly, Lili, Mary, Liz and Biz for checking on us and leaving comments-ya'll are always here for us!

I don't know if I'll be updating my blog every day. I'm thinking about weighing only once a week and then updating. Now that I've hit my goal I'm ready to start living normally and stop being on a diet and thinking about this 24/7! Even if I don't update I'll still be checkin on ya'll! We are getting anxious to go to Mexico the end of the month and then Ed will be starting his next round!

Hope all is well! Love you guys!

Friday, March 28, 2008

P3 Day 19
LIW: 115.0
Today: 121.6
LIW: +6.6

P3 Day 14
LIW: 222.0
Today: 225.0
LIW: +3.0

Jenn's Menu:
Breakfast: 1 clementine w/ 1/4 C 2% cottage cheese
Lunch: 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 C cottage cheese
Dinner: 1/5 of Paul’s AMAZING eggplant lasagna
Snacks: 2 organic (no sugar added) fruit flat, 1 small square of Lindt 75% chocolate
Water: 100 oz

Total Cals= 1374, Carbs= 67, Protein= 76, Fats= 48

Ed's Menu:
Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit
Lunch: 2 pieces of pizza (at his buddies Pizza Parlor)
Dinner: 1/5 eggplant lasagna
Snack: popcorn, 1 square of Lindt 75% chocolate

I just can't seem to get this right! I was SO MAD this morning when I stepped on the scale and saw the gain. I think the problem yesterday was that I didn't eat enough cals but what am I suppose to ALL day? I just don't get hungry much and when I do, I eat. I made Paul's amazing eggplant lasagna yesterday and it was so satisfying, filling and delicious! Ya'll saw Ed's menu so even after eating the pizza and POPCORN he only gained 1 lb. I'm tellin' ya this P3 is tricky stuff, and the key is to EAT!!!

My legs and calves are so sore I swear I can barely walk. Ed had an appointment this morning so I did my jog/walk with Jackson (our pup) for 50 min. and then did my workout. I'm glad I don't have to work out this weekend-I need to let my body re-coop!

Today we are going to the Art Festival downtown and I'm sure I won't have any problems getting my cals in (hee, hee)! We plan on eating before we go (which should help)! I want to go get wings and beer for dinner so we'll see.....

Okay, in response to our blogger buds-
Hi Jan, our P3 Pro- Um, yeah P4 is right around and it sure will be interesting to see how I do after my "modified P3" (wink, wink)! I told ya I'm doing it backwards-P4 THEN P3 LOL!

Liz- I've been wonderin' about you! I checked your blog last night but no update. P3 has gone fast (probably because we've been having so much fun)! The work outs are here to stay. The ladies book that I'm following has the hottest body and weighs 120 (a pound off of where I'm at) she looks smokin' HOT so she's my motivation not LIW! C'mon over to Texas and get you some SUN! Oh, I feel for ya! Today on my walk it was a perfect 76 degrees-LOVE IT!

Lil- My good 'ole buddy girl! I read your blog last night and I see you are out playing with the big dawgs-YOU GO GIRL! Those endorphins are the best and YES it is so addicting. OMG, P2 already? Okay, we are all here for ya cheering you on! Thanks for the comment on the pics-awwww!

Hi Shell- I know, I wanna be like you! You are eating and loving life and staying stable. If I could just stay stable right here I'd be just fine. Um, so how long after working out do you not get sore anymore? I'm dying and I swear the 2nd day after is the WORST!

Mary- Thanks as always sweet Marrray! I drank some Cab Merlot last night and thought of ya! Hope all is well. Guess what? It's Friday!!!!

Becca- I need to make sure your account is "active" in the forum. I will make sure and check on that today. What's with all your technical problems? Are you sure it's not on the "user end"...just kiddin'! How do you like your hair hot mama?

- So what? Not enough cals huh? It is just a "thang" and I need find something that I can beat when the scale goes up after I've been a "good girl!" It makes me so frustrated! I'm so sick of the scale ya know?! Whip me into shape sista!

Ya'll we made it to Friday! Hold on I need to do a cartwheel!

Make it a GREAT DAY!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ed: P3D13 Jenn: P3D18 Getting there...

P3 Day 18
LIW: 115.0
Today: 121.0
LIW: +6.0

P3 Day 13
LIW: 222.0
Today: 224.0
LIW: +2.0

Love those egg days....wait, I mean I don't "love them" but I love the results. I'm totally fine if I don't have eggs for awhile!!!

So I'll take the 1.4 loss and Ed lost .2! I think my LIW is within sight! I walked an extra 15 minutes today and I did my upper body workout which was very painful since I'm still sore from the last time. Work through the pain baby!

Not much going on around here! The weather has been perfect-Ed and I didn't want to come in after our walk today. I love it here in Texas during the is B-E-A-utiful!!! We plan on going golfing on Monday and we can't wait!

In response to our HCG family-
Jan- OMG, I hate the snow! I grew up in Utah where it snowed like 9 months out of the year (okay maybe I'm exaggerating but it felt like it)! I think I'm getting this P3 handled and I'm sure with me drinking wine today I'll be feeling great either way! ;)

Marlene- Awww, thanks-we had to get a pic in the blue bonnets! The egg day works girlfriend-just make sure you drink lots of water!!!

Shelly- I don't wear my wedding ring at home so when I just read your comment I tried it on and it's a bit snug so I am retaining water! Guess what? I don't care!!!! But Biz is helping me so with all hopes I can get closer to LIW before P4 starts in 3 days (hee, hee)!

Biz- I know, I'm all messed up too! I know that I have to work first and then play! How about if I text you my numbers each morning? LOL

Mary- Yeah, as long as I'm feeling great that is ALL that matters-LOL! I feel so stupid being upset about being 121-like gimmie a break! OMG, get out the Shiraz girl-you will love it!!!

- You are hilarious! Um, I only burp when I eat eggs! Ed on the other for your lives!!! I love you Becca! Yes, watch that show it's very interesting!

I can't wait to report another loss tomorrow! It's almost Friday-yipeeeee!!!

Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ed: P3D12 Jenn: P3D17 Drum Roll.....

P3 Day 17
LIW: 115.0
Today: 122.4
LIW: +7.4

P3 Day 12
LIW: 222.0
Today: 224.2
LIW: +2.2

Well Helllllllllllllo there! So what do ya'll think of that? I swear that Ed ate and drank SO MUCH more than me and he is only 2.2 over LIW. Honestly, when I saw that I was 122.4 I was relieved!! I jogged yesterday for 40 min (Ed walked for 30) and did my upper body workout. Today I jogged for 40 min (Ed walked for 30) then I did my lower body workout. I'm BEAT and still so sore!!! I know everyone says that you retain water from working out-I wonder how much.

So Biz is doing a P3 boot camp in the HCG Forum (that ya'll need to become members of)!
I am doing an egg day today and then will start the boot camp tomorrow. I am determined to get closer to my LIW before the 21 days are up-LOL! Biz made a comment that Ed and I skipped P3 and went right into P4 (but it takes one to know one)! I was so excited to hit goal that I just wanted to I did (I mean Ed and I did)!

Ya'll are so sweet, thanks for the comments on our pics! Ya know we both feel really good and healthy. If I wouldn't have weighed myself I would've never known I was over LIW since everything still fits the same. I'm so confident in this protocol and I know that with some work and "strict dieting" I'll get it handled.

In response to all your sweet comments-
Hi Becca Boo- OMG, we eat so different now. This protocol has completely changed the way we think about food. We don't feel the need to stuff ourselves. We were watching this show on TV the other night saying to put your knife and fork down after each bite of food and chew 20 times before swallowing and you'll get fuller faster. We have been doing that and it works! Becca, yes Ed is going to do another round after we get back from Mexico-he wants to be shirt less by this summer. It will be interesting having him in P2 and me not (it will be a test of will power for him). I'll probably just live on cottage cheese since he hates cottage cheese and then just eat more of what I make him. Oh goodness! So about the flat iron-the Chi is a great but yeah, it's pricey. Go to Sally Beauty-they have great deals!

What's going on our little college chica Marlene- I still can't believe how well you did traveling...look at you! Ed does look great huh? He loves the compliments-thanks!

Liz- Girl, what's been going on? I didn't get to read all of your blog yet but I WILL TODAY! You were only like 5 lbs over-don't you worry (shoot, it could be worse-look at ME)! Join Biz' boot camp with me girlfriend! Your daughter Grace (what a cute name) tell her our dogs name is Jackson and he would love her too if they met (he LOVES kids)!

Monica- Hey you! Yeah, this weekend was a "what's a diet" weekend. It was so fun but now I have to be strict and good while Ed continues to be bad. I hope you updated your blog-been wondering about you!!! Aww, we do look happy in our pic huh? WE ARE!

Marrrray- And thank YOU for the comment. What is this-the never ending spring break? When your daughter gets back to school we'll celebrate together with some wine okay?! I hope you got everything worked out with the home.

Bizzy- My Biz, if you will remember (I told you like 100 times) I have to work out in the mornings before I get online because as soon as I open up this laptop my day disappears. I need to get up a little earlier but why? (hee, hee)!

Shelly- What's up SuperWoman? Oh we had to get pics of us in the beautiful bluebonnets-they are all almost in full bloom. We are going to take our "bluebonnet drive" this weekend. My cheekbones? I had to go look to see what you were talking about-that's funny you noticed that because I didn't! Enjoy the amazing weather (it sure makes exercise so enjoyable huh)?!

Alright well Ed has just come home and poured himself a cocktail....ewwww he is so mean!!!

I need to go boil my egggggggggggggggs and cry!!!

Have a great day peeps!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ed: P3D11 Jenn: P3D16- HOME AGAIN!

P3 Day 16
LIW: 115.0
Today: ?
LIW: ?

P3 Day 11
LIW: 222.0
Today: ?
LIW: ?

Well look who decided to show up....Ed and Jenn are back!!! What a weekend! We had so much fun playing in the sun and eating delicious foods! We both decided on the way home last night (as we were eating popcorn) that we would wait to weigh in until tomorrow-why end the party already? LOL!

You know even with as much as we ate (turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, desserts, many beverages) we don't feel like we over did it (HA)! I only ate 1 plate of food at our Easter meal, breakfast we ate eggs and fruit and dinner was mostly seafood. Oh yeah and not to mention tons of crawfish-yum! Our clothes still fit the same so we'll see how nice the scale is to us tomorrow!

I feel like we've been gone for so long! I've been wondering about all of you. I WILL get to all of your blogs today to check on my peeps.

In response to your comments:
Mary, Mary, Mary! HELLLLLLO! Oh I wonder how YOU are doing! Still drinking wine? Is your daughter back to school this week? I hope all is well....I missed you girl!

Regina- Thanks for calling and checking on me! So now I'm home and you are leaving. At least you'll have your laptop so we can catch up. Have a safe trip and a great P3-you got Biz in your back pocket so no worries (and we both know how bossy she is)! Love you Regina!

Marlene- How you been? How was your trip? OMG, I need to go catch up on YOU! We took after pics of Ed this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to update some pics tonight. Thanks so much for the compliments. My stomach is flat? Wow, never thought I'd hear that-LOL! You know honestly I think the "dirty secret" is losing that last 15 lbs of fat. I believe that is when all the sculpting took place. I also try to keep my stomach flexed as much as possible (while I'm on the computer or driving or whenever I think about it)! Hope all is well with you!

Becca- Hi sweets-sheesh been missin you too! Glad you like your hair-it’s so much easier to style when it's short! I'm sure your daughter has better instructions than I do for your hair but I like to part it, blow dry it straight and then section it off and use a ceramic 1 1/2" flat iron. If you buy a flat iron that has different temperature settings you don't need to worry about it damaging your hair (as bad). I also use a heat protecting spray right before I flat iron, which seems to help. I know, how about I just fly over and meet ya and show you k?!

Oh MY BIZ! I pulled a "Biz" and went does it feel?! As you know, I didn't bring my phone charger so after Saturday I had no phone! Awww, I love you...thanks for missing me like I miss YOU!!!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend and all is well in Protocoland! I will make sure and update after my work out tomorrow. Oh dear wish us luck!!!

Have a great day my friends!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ed: P3D7 Jenn: P3D12- Happy Easter Weekend!

P3 Day 12
LIW: 115.0
Today: 120.8
LIW: +5.8

P3 Day 7
LIW: 222.0
Today: 226.0
LIW: +4.0

Well hello there friends!!! We have been all over the place the last couple of days. We are leaving for the weekend and I need to get everything packed up but I couldn't go without saying hello to our Protocoland family! I miss ya'll!!!

I'm still not within the 2 lbs LIW and I still don't care. Ed and I have been walking in the mornings and today I decided it was time step it up and jog. I was able to jog for 30 min and then my knees started to hurt (never had that happen before) so I walked for another 25 min and I feel great. I'm amazed how my body has picked up where I left off. I was worried that I'd be feeling weak but the opposite is true. I didn't get to do my workout at home yesterday and won't be working out this weekend either. We plan on eating all sorts of good foods this weekend so our report on Monday is going to be interesting.

I have not been home to check blogs but I want you to know that I've been thinking about ya'll!

In response to your comments:
Mary, Mary- So yeah, Ed had to keep his eyes closed and wear these funky goggles all night. I hate driving in Houston and I had to drive us home that afternoon and he couldn't help me. Let's just say I missed our exit TWICE! He was over in the passenger’s side with his goggles on saying "where are we now?" I'm so glad he can see and do all the driving again. LOL

Becca- What's up girl? You need to convince your hubby to get his eyes done. Ed was yelling in the shower yesterday "I can see the whiskers on my face!" It's been really funny going through this with him- it's like he has new eyes and can see clear for the first time. Even yesterday he was pointing out a bug on the windshield. He drove us home last night and he didn't mention anything about the other cars headlights so your hubby needs to stop worrying and DO IT!!! Aww, you got your hair cut?! I love having shorter hair I keep asking myself "why didn't I do this sooner?" I know you look so adorable-just use a flat iron.

Jan- Oh have you been? How is P3 going? YES, it means no more glasses. Ed wants to take his glasses and stomp them to pieces. I need to go check on you!!!

Monica- Hi P3 sista! Thanks for your encouragement...ALWAYS! I'm still striving to get near 115 again but I'm thinking that even if I stay at around 120, sheesh I can't complain. I'm loving working out again. It's so nice having the fat gone and being able to move so much easier. I gotta get toned for our cruise!

Shelly- And how you been? Girl, you need to look into the eye surgery. They now have a bladeless cut that's done with laser so the accuracy is 100%. Contacts are such a PITA. We both were so sick of looking for his eye drops, contact case, know! Why not make our lives a little easier ya know?!

Regina- I've been missing YOU! I can't wait for Monday to come so everything can get back to "normal!" I'm scared of my weigh in on Monday but I know I have Biz to keep us in check. So you leave Tuesday right? I hope you know how appreciative I am for you and David. Thanks for getting everything handled with the forum-it's time for you to go on vacation!!! Love you Regina! Oh yeah, and I work out with dumbbells at home.

Liz- Hello! I need to go check on you and see how things are going. Ya'll are like family to me and when I miss a couple of days I feel so "off!" Thanks for always checking on us. Um, and yeah the eye surgery was WAY weirdish. I had no idea what the inside of an eyeball looks like...but now I do (ewww)! Hope you are doing good!

Lili- And YOU, where you been girl? You worked out too huh? NICE! It's so NOT fun stepping on the scale during P3. I'm learning it's not worth the stress. I need to focus on healthly and not being skinny. MEXICO...OMG, we are still planning on going but still have not booked the tickets. Ed has 2 major sign installations the beginning of April so we may not be going until the end of April but YES we are going!!! Thanks for checking on us, I miss you around here!

Okay, I guess I need to get going. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and don't eat the Peeps!

Love you guys, see you Monday!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ed: P3D5 Jenn: P3D10- Ed can see, he can see!!

P3 Day 10
LIW: 115.0
Today: 120.2
LIW: +5.2

P3 Day 5
LIW: 222.0
Today: 222.0
LIW: +0.0

We were MIA yesterday!!! Ed has his eye surgery and it went PERFECTLY! I have to take him back down there again this morning so I gotta make this quick. Awww, when Ed woke up this morning he was telling me "I can see perfectly" OMG, that's so exciting. I was able to watch the surgery-it was so amazing (kind of creepy)!

So ya'll I'm soooooooooooo sore from working out! Today I'm up again and yesterday I was down .6! I'm sure my body is retaining water because we haven't been eating anything that isn't "P3 friendly." My cals were a little low yesterday (1380) which could be the reason too. Ed is right at his LIW! Well you show my how it's done boy!!! BTW, he has been eating everything I have but MORE!!!

Thanks for the comments Mary Moe, Jan, Shelly and Regina! I will make sure and check on ya'll tonight!!!

Sorry I had to make this so short and quick!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ed: P3D3 Jenn: P3D8...going down!!!

P3 Day 8
LIW: 115.0
Today: 119.2
LIW: +4.2

P3 Day 3
LIW: 222.0
Today: 227.0
LIW: +5.0 (we are scared to know what his weight was yesterday before the steak day-oh my)!

Well happy St. Patrick’s Day my friends! So our steak day was good (but not as good as it should've been). Ed went and bought the steaks at 5 pm because we were starving and I wanted to be eating at 6 pm. Well our stupid 2 year old F250 broke down yesterday on his way to the store. This has been the truck from HELL-ya'll know what Ford stands for right (Found on the Road Dead). I called 4 different taxi companies and after waiting 2.5 hours and having none of them show up (with repeated phone calls mind you) he finally hitched a ride from a sweet little single Mom. Ed gave her $20 and she started crying because she needed money to pay her electricity bill today....awwww! As frustrating as it all was that was a nice ending.

So anyway Ed didn't even get home until around 8 pm so we didn't eat our steaks until 8:30-ahhh! I'm sure with eating the steaks that late wasn't good but oh well!

Today was the start of my work out! Whooo Hoooo! We went for a 30 min brisk walk and then I came home and did my upper body workout! I felt amazing and extremely light. My body felt foreign to me. I could care less if I gain, I'm excited to start to see my body change and tone up without all the layers of fat!

We are doing an egg day today (again)! We decided since we played all weekend it's probably a good idea to stay home and eat green eggs-HA!

In response to yesterday's comments:
Liz- LOL! I know we are going to try the stupid hard way for losing weight which is exercise and eating healthy. OMG, can you imagine only losing like a pound or with any hopes 2 lbs a week doing it the way "they" say we should do it to lose weight. I'm thinking "give me my HCG again and I'll be back down to LIW no problem!"

Shelly- I'm "over" being over my LIW-LOL! I'm expecting a gain now that I've started working out but who cares what the scale says when you are toned and tight-you hear me sista! Keep going you maniac!

Becca- Hi sweets!!! Yeah, we are enjoying our P3 a little toooooo much. Becca, since you are starting another round soon I wouldn't stress too much about being over LIW ya know?! Ed is going to start another round and yes, I believe he will start again when Biz does so ya'll will be P2 buddies! I miss you girl!

Since I'll be working out in the mornings I probably won't be posting until mid day from now on. Alrighty well I'm off to go eat some eggs....

Have a great day ya'll! Sorry, I gotta say it....have an egggggggggggggcellent day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oops, we did it again! STEAK DAY!

P3 Day 7
LIW: 115.0
Today: 120.2
LIW: +5.2

P3 Day 2
LIW: 222.0
Today: ? (woke up late no weigh in)
LIW: ?

Okay so Winston made my whole day! Have ya'll been to his blog? Winston went to Jamaica to visit his family and was gone for a week and gained 18 lbs! The best part is in 4 days he has lost 11.4 lbs and is now only 6.6 from his LIW. Thank you Dr. S for sharing the steak day with all of us over indulgers!!! Suddenly my 5.2 over LIW didn't seem too bad!

We had a great time last night! The people that we met didn't even recognize me (they all knew me with long hair). The compliments were great and of course they all wanted to know how we did it. Ed and I don't even go there. Last night’s response was: low calorie, no processed foods, fruits and veggies. I mean yeah, if you do that you could lose 50 lbs too! NOT! It's okay none of them needed to lose weight so I knew they were just asking but not enquiring.

Ed and I are doing a big ole steak day today-YUM!!!

Onto Comments-
Liz- How you been? It was great to hear the compliments but I get kind of embarrassed and don't like it if they keep talking about it! It's like "okay, thanks, really thanks, now shut up!" LOL

Winston- Buddy! I am so glad you commented today and told me all that. I didn't even know you were home so that was such a great surprise. I felt all hopeless this morning but now you have shown me no matter what the damage is, it can be corrected! Awesome Winston! BTW, thanks for the compliment!

Jan- You are so adorable! It's the wine, the wine! I love it! I am so glad to have you a part of our HCG family. You'll breeze right through this P3 because you aren't bad like me! What's funny is now that I'm in P3 and can have wine I haven't been drinking it lately...I need to start that up again!

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ed: P3D1 Jenn: P3D6...oops we gained!

P3 Day 6
LIW: 115.0
Today: 119.0
LIW: +4.0

P3 Day 1
LIW: 222.0
Today: 224.0
LIW: +2.0

Hi ya'll!!! So I guess there's no sense in posting our P3 meals. We did great all day up until the don't even want to know how divine it was!

I don't have much time to post since we are off again for the day. We are going to meet some old co workers and they haven't seen us since we lost weight-I'm excited to see their reactions.

I don't have time to check blogs today-hope ya'll are doing great! Thanks for your comments yesterday Regina, Mary, Dawn, Monica and Shelly!

Happy Saturday!!! We are off to enjoy the St. Patty's festivities-LIW? What's LIW? LOL

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ed: 48 hrs completed, Jenn: P3 Day 5! R3P2 is OVER for both of us!

P3 Day 5
LIW: 115.0
Today: 118.5
LIW: +3.5

LIW: 222.0
Yesterday: 224.2
Today: 223.0
LIW: +1.0

Yesterday's Menu:
J: nectarine, 2 grilled chicken salads with tom, cucumber and red onion (blue cheese dressing), sautéed mushrooms and zucchini in butter, caprese salad, 1 clementine, 4 strawberries, apple, 1 square of 85% chocolate

E: grilled chicken salad w/ 2 T. blue cheese, 4 strawberries, turkey burger with no bun, 1 spoonful of PB, 1 pickle

Oh ya'll it was so great eating all day! I felt like I ate soooooo much and my total cals only equaled 1500. I was so happy to see a loss this morning!!! I plan on sticking to mostly raw again today with lots of fruits and veggies.

So Ed decided that he's done with this round (52 days is plenty long)! His LIW was Wednesday and his LIW is 222.0. So that means tomorrow he'll officially be on P3. Just in time for the St. Patricks Day weekend.

We are going out again today and tonight.....uh oh!!! We are going to a seafood restaurant and Miss Bizzy helped give us some good ideas so we DON'T GAIN!!! Wish us luck....LOL!

In response to our friends:
Hey Miss Mary- All I remember them saying was that Ed was going to have to wear these funky glasses and then can't open his eyes for at least 4 hours. Oh, it should be FUN! Girl, I'm so over the LIW I'm just happy to be eating real foods again!!!

Shell- I have been taking my measurements and despite the gain I'm still the same....phew! I will start the workout on Monday. I plan on running 3-4 days a week (30 min.) then doing my weights 3 days a week. I'm ready.....

KJ-NO, it's not you-the forum is down. Did you get my email? We hope to have it up and running by this afternoon but temporarily we have a "gathering place" at (just re-register and then log in)! I can't wait to hear the details on your "Jenn Day!"

Hey Jan- Thank you so much! I know, I need to just quit stressing because I feel great. We have a great life and so much fun and I need to let myself relax and enjoy it! I'm gettin it handled, I'm such a perfectionist and want to do this right ya know?!

Monica- Whassssup chica!!! Got your email...thank you and I will be getting back to you! We are P3 sisters! LIW or's time! You are right, once I start getting tightened up I won't give a shiz what the scale says-I mean c'mon! LOL, what you wrote to Ed-yeah, it's time to give it up Buddy Boy!!!

Liz- Hey you! So yep, Ed is done-I didn't mean to doubt my man but I knew he'd want to be done as soon as he saw my gigantic salad with blue cheese dressing...yum! Girl, don't get discouraged that you didn't lose-we need to figure out what's going on. I read your blog right before I went to bed and I'll be on my way over there to comment. Stay strong!!!

Marshall- Hey thanks for the compliments my friend! We will take Ed's "after" pics this weekend-he looks great too! Yeah, I know, can you believe that chunky monkey was ME?! I am so glad we took before pics (as hard as it was)! Pictures are worth a thousand words. If I saw my pics I'd be like "um...sign me up!" LOL

Well ya'll we made it to Friday!!! Whoo hoo!!! Make it a great day. Thanks for being here for us-love you guys!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ed: VLCD #53, Jenn: P3D4 "I'm over it!"

P3 Day 4
LIW: 115.0
Today: 119.0
LIW: +4.0

Yesterday: 222.0
Today: 224.2
Gain: +2.2

Yesterday's Menu:
J: 8 eggs (scrambled, deviled)
B: coffee w/stevia
L: 1 can of low sodium tuna (mustard, onion powder, stevia)
D: (we went out for the night and shared) 12 boiled shrimp, 4 oysters (2 crackers), 2 jalapeno poppers, Ceviche, crab dip w/ corn chips, grilled chicken salad w/ranch dressing
1 L of water

Wow huh? So yeah, I guess my semi egg day didn't work out so well-LOL! If I would’ve know we were going to be going out I would not have had that many eggs! So I'm back up, now I'm 4.0 over LIW and Ed gained 2.2 lbs. Ya'll we aren't very good examples.

Ed was going to make yesterday his LIW but now that he gained he wants to go until he gets back to 218-sheesh! I told him he should just be done because all he's doing is losing then gaining and it's not worth it. We forgot to do his injection today so maybe yesterday could be his LIW and then he'd be like me and be OVER his LIW on the 1st day of the 72 hr's until P3! See we are partners in crime huh?!

I ran some errands this morning and also went to the grocery store! There is NO WAY I'm going to do another steak or egg day again today. I'm taking Biz' advice and eating mostly raw and lots of fruits and veggies...oh it feels so good to EAT!!!!

I'm going to focus on feeding my body good healthy foods and not stressing about my LIW. I am anxious to begin working out and I know that when I start that my weight will fluctuate. Sheesh, I mean even if I went up to 120, I'm HAPPY!!!

How are my buds doin? In response to your comments yesterday:
Monica- I'm with ya girl! I need to just give it up and start working out! Enough of this LIW b/s-LOL!

Mary, Mary- Oh no, so you mean I'm going to have to get Ed dressed and do everything for him? Oh wait, that's nothing new (hee, hee)! I'm sure he'll love having an excuse for me to be at his every beck and call "yes my King!" Egg day, smegg day...

- Where YOU been? I miss you tons girl! Thanks for checkin' on us!!!!!

Hi sweet Liz- Thanks for the encouragement, buff body here I come! Your story about your eye...OMG! I bet you never did that again did you? SCARY, that could've killed you! Yeah, and you are long as you can see with both eyes put together, you're doing great! LOL

Beautiful Becca- It has taken so much nerve for Ed to decide he wanted the eye surgery. Men are soooo wimpy when it comes to pain. You let your husband know that if Ed and do it, he can do it!

Well now that the day is almost OVER I guess I'll go ahead and post this! I'll be checkin' on ya'll tonight...hope all is well!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ed: VLCD #52, Jenn: P3D3 One more protein day!

P3 Day 3
LIW: 115.0
Today: 117.6
LIW: +2.6

Yesterday: 225.0
Today: 222.0
Release: -3.0

Yesterday's Menu:
J: 11 eggs (scrambled, deviled)

Ed: B: coffee w/stevia
L: chicken with tomato
D: chili w/ chicken
J: 4 L of water, 2 c tea E: 1.5 L of water

So I lost 1 pound! I did my measurements again this morning and everything is still the same (phew)! I am going to do one more egg day today and then with all hopes I'll be able to start my real P3 tomorrow. Ed lost 3 lbs today, so he is back on track (just in time for the weekend) LOL!

I would like to start working out but I'm patiently waiting until I get closer to LIW although I'm not sure if that makes any sense. Regardless of where my weight is-Monday is the day!!!

In response to yesterday's comments:
Hey Mary- Yeah, the steak was stupid because it didn't have enough cals. The egg day was better (at least I didn't have to starve all day)! So glad to hear about your successful laser eye surgery. Ed is nervous about what if he "forgets" and rubbs his eyes afterwards....ewwww! He said he always thought the worst torture would be getting a paper cut on his eye and that's what's about to happen. I'm no help, I just start screaming when we talk about it! Thank you Mama, for my perfect 20/20 eyes!

Monica- YOU are the one that seems calmer than me about being over LIW. Oh girl, I haven't been calm. Like I told you it's never fun to see a gain. I like your approach of just not worrying about it. I feel great and I know it just takes time for everything to balance out.

Becca- I thought about doing the protein shake day today. I need to go read up on that. The protein shake I have is low in cals so I would have to add in lots of fruits to make up for the calories my body needs so that I don't have a repeat of Monday! Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I wouldn't recommend doing the P2 protein day more than once or twice a week because the fruits and veggies help with digestion. Glad I could help motivate your co-workers-LOL!

Hi Liz- Thanks for checkin’ on us! You were electrocuted? Oh my Liz!!! Well I am certainly grateful as well that you still have one good eye. I'm surprised you don't have to wear glasses-that must be one really GOOD eye. I checked your blog last night but there was no update, it's okay I know you are doing fantastic!!!

Okay, that's all she wrote! Hope all is well in Protocoland!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ed: VLCD #51, Jenn: P3 Day 2-Egg Day!!!

P3 Day 2
LIW: 115.0
Today: 118.6
LIW: +3.6

Yesterday: ?
Today: 225.0

Yesterday's Menu:
J: Steak Day with 16 oz of Bison steak (stupid)
E: B: coffee w/stevia
L: chili w/ turkey breast
D: chili w/ turkey breast
S: 1 oz cheddar cheese, 1 pickle
J: 4 L of water, E: 1 L of water

Okay so you'd think with this being my 3rd P3 I'd have this figured out a little better! So the Bison steak only had a total of 500 cals! I didn't want any greasy fatty steak so I went with an organic Bison steak and you know what? I didn't even think about the cals until this morning when I was stumped! Stupid! So needless to say I'm totally bugged! I starved ALL DAY for what? It's okay....whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm doing Biz' famous egg day today, and it better work..............or else!!!!

Biz also reminded me that at the clinics they tell you that your weight will fluctuate between 5-8 lbs-OH MY! That did help me feel a "little" better.

Ed is still holding strong and wants to go until he hits 215. We are both all messed up and our routine is off. He left the house without his injection today but came home to get "poked!" LOL

Okay so I can't wait until I can enjoy P3. I sure started this P3 off with a bang huh?! Oh well, it was worth it and I know I'll get it handled.

In response to yesterdays comments:
Marrray sweet Marrray- What? Steak and eggs on P2? LOL! Thanks for helping me out and eating that for me. So Ed is going to get his surgery on the 18th....he is sooooooo excited!!! So you had it done too?

- My little esteem booster bud! Pretty amazing what our bods look like with some of the fat gone huh?! It's such a compliment for people to think I've been exercising especially since all I've been doing is sitting on my butt! I swear this is the protocol for the ambitiously lazy!!! I love HCG! Be safe traveling, we'll miss you!

Becca- Did you get my email? Ya'll had some great questions. So yeah you are right. I need to realize that my body needs to find its own set point. You know how P3 is, it can be a bit frustrating. I know today will bring better losses so I need to just "chill!"

Liz- You are another sweet, sweet encouraging soul! Thank you so much for your comments. Yeah, we have learned to be very "cautious" and choose our words wisely when talking about the protocol! NEVER, EVER say you are injecting yourself....well not unless you want to open a can of worms! LOL! How you doin? I need to go check on you!

There she is....Shelly! You know what's strange? Since I felt so bad on that last day I had the HCG-now when I think about HCG it kind of messes with me and makes me feel sick-I was not feeling good at all!!! I'm glad I took it to the extreme! The flame bikini....oh dear, mama's going swim suit shopping for a new one-a better one! LOL

Okay well I better get this puppy published!

Hope ya'll are doing good. Have an egggggggggggggggggggcellent day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ed: VLCD #50, Jenn: P3 Day 1-Steak Day!!!

P3 Day 1
LIW: 115.0
Today: 119.0
LIW: +4.0

Yesterday: 223.0
Today: ?
Gain: ?

How about that ya'll! First day of P3 and I'm 4 lbs over LIW!!! I think it's funny. We had so much fun yesterday! What's P2? What's P3?

We went to a wine festival yesterday and had a great time. We also enjoyed a "baaad" delicious meal at this really quaint little cafe. Not to mention we "dove into" the tin of Dale and Thomas (chocolate covered) popcorn that has been teasing us. YUMO!

So yes we will be drinking lots of water and then of course I'll be enjoying my wonderful Bison steak for dinner. I know how to do P3 right and I'll get back to LIW, I'm not worried at all! Ed didn't even dare to weigh today. We are back on track and he's determined to get to 215 by the end of next week.

Thanks to all of you for your self esteem booster comments. I love telling people that I lost 50 lbs WITH OUT exercise. I had a good debate with a girl this weekend. It really bothers me when people become experts at something they know NOTHING about it. Ed said I did good at making my point. Oh and guess what? She was overweight and jealous so there-Haters!

Ed has an appointment for laser eye surgery today. If they give him the "go ahead" he will be getting it today-we are both so excited!

I obviously haven't been around this weekend but I will be able to read blogs today and catch up on my friends. Hope you all had a nice weekend with great losses.

Happy Monday!!!