Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ed: P2D33-Almost done!

Total R4 Loss: -18.0
Current weight: 220.0


How's everybody doing out there? All is well here with us in blazing HOT Texas! I'm telling you if there's any reason Ed and I wanted to lose weight it's so we could survive the hot, humid summer months with way less insulation! We didn't begin this protocol until the end of August of last year so we spent most of summer FAT, ahhh how things have changed!

Ya'll things have just been crazy for us! I feel like everything is hitting us at once and we have so much to do before the kids arrive in 7 days!!!! Ed is doing great but feeling a little disappointed that this round hasn't been his "award winning round". I keep reminding him that 18 lbs gone in 33 days is outstanding compared to any other "diet" he could ever do (especially since he has NOT been strict with his P2 foods this round). So here's the plan-Ed is going to go until he gets to 215 as his LIW and then do P3 until the mid of July and then start back for one last round to get under 200 lbs. I personally think my man looks great right now. It's amazing to me how the HCG not only makes you lose pounds but INCHES! Gotta love it!

So, I'm back to my usual 121 (and some change). This is my sweet spot and where my body seems to like to be. I went shopping yesterday and it's still so crazy for me to pick up size 4's and have them fit-what a feeling...what a GREAT feeling!

Hope our buddies out there are doing good! We want to give a special shout out to Regina-(EweWho) who entered Onederland today-we are so proud of you-66 lbs gone forevaaaaaaa-keep going!!! Hope everyone else is doing good and your "fat is melting away like crisco on the blacktop in the hot sun, on a sunny day, on a summer solstice, with no cloud cover, like the hottest day ever" as Jerry would say! For the rest of you in P3, happy maintaining!!!

Take care friends!!!


TNgal80 said...

Heya guys. Sent you a followup email. :P
I am looking forward to spending less on the HCG and mixing myself. I like having "control" over the program. HA! No I am really not a control freak Ed. :P
I hope you guys are trying to stay cool. It is crazy hot here too. BUT I STILL HAVE MY INSULATION! LOL Not for long though. Heya baby countdown in three months! Half the fun is makin em! :P


B's Journey said...

Hey you guys,
Thank you so much for stopping by. Ed did a great job. and buying SIZE 4 THATS JUST AWESOME!!!I fit in size 10 :) abd coming from 22W to 10 regular is great feeling also. I have some stalls but I think I'll be start losing soon. Talk about hot hot! I feel you on that since I am living in Killeen TX, about 40 min drive from Austin just in case you don't know. ;) This should be my last summer in TX we are moving to Colorado Springs next spring.(Husband Army)
You two take care and keep up the great work.

applebottomblues said...

Hey y'all! Ed you got to 220! WOOO HOOO! I hope you're celebrating right now... that's quite a milestone!

And Jen... I have no words sweetie, except I'll bet that feeling of just being able to FIT that size 4 right off the rack is an INCREDIBLE feeling!

Oh yeah... send some of that heat up this way... I love the 90s!

Becca said...

Jenn and Ed, you guys are doing just great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the great comments on my pics!
And Ed, don't be discouraged, you're doing so great and you've been working under a disadvantage since your P2 parter has graduated already and left you behind to finish on your own! (You know I'm kidding because I know that Jenn is the one who is totally helping you with the protocol... So we know who you have to thank!!!)
And btw, it's stinking hot here too!

maryg911 said...

Oh Jenny Penny, its so good to see an update from you and buddy boy. You both have done an awesome job!!! I hate to see you so busy!! I completely understand about the heat!!

Love ya, take care!!!