Thursday, January 31, 2008

VLCD #15- the secret....

Yesterday: 127.6
Today: 127.0
Release: 0.6
R3 Release: 15.0

Yesterday: 233.8
Today: 233.8
Release: 0.0
R3 Release: 13.0

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: coffee w/stevia
L: chicken w/cucumbers
D: shrimp w/ 1/2 grapefruit
3 L water, (Ed 1 L water, 2 c. coffee)

Well I was waiting for today's weigh in to know if our "look-a-like steak day" worked! So I've lost 1.6 in 2 days and Ed lost 2 lbs yesterday but nothing today, interesting! I believe he would've lost more if we would drink his water but I can only do so much "reminding" ya know?!

So basically as you saw it on Tuesday, we skipped lunch drank plenty of water and then for dinner had our total allowed protein (7 oz) with an apple. Steak days aren't hard for Ed and I, actually Ed asks for them in P3 even when we aren't above our LIW. The steak day on HCG was quite easy because we really weren't that hungry-it was very "do-able!" With this being our 3rd round we are more open to "testing" so it was great to know that steak days work in P2 too!

So not much of a secret! I'm going to try a little different menu today, another test...I'll keep you posted!

Onto yesterday's comments-
Biz- So do you think Ed had a stall like how JPS has a stall/gain after her "apple day?" Interesting I still lost...hmmm! More testing! So last night before bed I weighed 128.2 (so I lost 1.2 in my sleep) Ed weighed 235.8 (so he lost 2 lbs in his sleep). I never knew we lost weight in our sleep-duh! Btw, can yo see me now...can you see me now...what about now? LOL

Lili- Thanks for the name correction...I was going off of Biz' blog, so it's HER fault! No big secret, and you know if we had a secret you'd be in on it sista!

Monica- What's up girl? Yes, things are back on track! I needed to "get it together" because I have all you peeps to answer too! Thanks for the love...right back at ya!

Mary- I wondered about you yesterday...I'm going to check on you next! Believe it or not we really didn't get too hungry. Don't get me wrong, when it was time to eat we were happy but the HCG this round is really suppressing our appetites. I would say only do the steak day as a last ditch effort and make sure you stay very busy that day! Ed and I thought it was funny you called him "buddy boy!" LOL

Wendy- Oh yeah! Keep the prize in site huh? I wonder what your losses are today. Have I ever told you how great your pics look?

Re-nay-nay- Thanks for the compliment, awww shucks you're too sweet! I keep going back to your #'s trying to compare and your R3 has been amazing! Yum P3....lucky!

Regina- Always there for me huh?! Thank you for everything-I appreciate your friendship so much! So glad our paths have crossed, I just love ya!

Becca- Yeah Biz always voices what I'm already thinking...she's scary like that! I always listen too because it makes her feel like she's the boss! OMG, I just went and looked at your pics! I will do the commenting on your blog but wow Becca, this stuff really works huh?! And yes, smarty pants I do work, maybe even twice a month! :)

Okay, I'm expecting some big numbers from ya'll...btw, is this round done yet?!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VLCD #14- The sun is's a new day!

Yesterday: 128.6
Today: 127.6
Release: 1.0
R3 Release: 14.4

Yesterday: 235.8
Today: 233.8
Release: 2.0
R3 Release: 13.0

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nothing
L: nothing
D: Jenn, 7 oz. 91/9 organic beef. Ed, 7 oz Bison steak. 1 apple each
3.4 L water, 2 c. tea

“Endurance is the most difficult of all the disciplines but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes!” -Buddha

Do you all see each day as a brand new day to learn something from? Do we all realize how much we use to turn to food/drinks to help “escape from the real problem?” Before when Ed and I had “issues” to deal with our way of making it better was to go out and eat! Since starting this protocol we have had to take a good look at things and deal with them without our “comfort food.” It only makes sense…we are going through so many physical changes and it’s only natural to be changing mentally as well.

So it’s another day, new commitments and new attitudes. I feel blessed God gave us another day to learn from! Let’s endure to the end-until we reach our goals, our final victory is waiting!

In response to yesterday’s comments:
Biz- How do I write THANK YOU big enough so you’ll really know? The student is ready! Biz, it worked…and look…finally 127! I only have to beat my head against the wall 14 times but I do get it eventually!

Wendy- Thanks girlfriend! You know what I’m going through! Yep, after much “discussion” he knows to get the hell out of my way because I’m doing this, I WILL REACH MY GOAL! Thanks for always checking on us!

Lili- Like how do I even respond? That comment needs to be published somewhere! I gave Ed the computer last night to get “caught up” on the comments and after he read yours he said “wow!” We got it all out on the table last night! Thank you so much for the honesty, insight and wisdom! Your comment put so many things into perspective for us! Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Oh, and thanks for the info on the kefir. I’m so into the organics and naturals, I can’t believe I didn’t even know about it! The organic consumer website was too cool! Thanks for sharing; we’ll be all about the kefir on P3!

Renee- Yes come take me away! What do I have to tell you so we could take a girls trip? Stop teasing…could you imagine all of us crazy girls together?! Thanks for the love Renee, you’re my girl-hope all is well (I think you may be eating normally today, yes?)

Mary- Did we make it through yesterday? Hope today is a little brighter…love ya Mary!

I'm on my way to check on all of you! You're lucky in life to have 1 great friend, even luckier to have 2 great friends, so what did we do right to have ALL of you as friends? I cherish all of you and appreicate what you have added to our lives!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

VLCD #13- A good day to be bugged!

Yesterday: 128.4
Today: 128.6
Gain: 0.2
R3 Release: 13.4

Yesterday: 235.0
Today: 235.8
Gain: 0.8
R3 Release: 11.0

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nothing
L: grilled chicken, broccoli, 1/2 grapefruit
D: cheesy chicken onion soup
4 L water (Ed, 1.5 L)

Like why am I doing this to myself when I know I’m this close to my goal? Ed and I had several work appointments yesterday (see, I can “work” too) and one of the appointments we had was at…yep, a damn Mexican restaurant! I even cooked a meal to take with us so we wouldn’t be tempted to eat out-you can see that worked real well. The owner (who bought a sign from us) insisted we eat her famous cheesy onion soup. When she was on her way to get the soup I stated stressing about eating it and his response was “don’t worry about it, and plus she just bought a sign-don’t be rude and eat the soup!” We shared 1 bowl and Ed munched on some chips. As we were eating we started talking about our goals for this round and I expressed that I feel he is always tempting me and that I need him to support me more-this isn’t a party! Well the conversation got pretty interesting. Basically Ed feels I’m at the “perfect” weight right now and doesn’t think I need to lose anymore! Yes, that was a complement and I appreciated that but NO! I know where I want to be and I AM GOING TO GET THERE! It’s about ME and how I feel! I was frustrated with him and angry at myself for not just saying “no” to the soup and so to wake up and weigh myself just topped it off…so today VLCD 13 I’m officially bugged! I need to refocus, take responsibility for myself and stop the insanity! Another interesting thing is I had a gallon of water yesterday and hardly went pee all day so that didn’t help matters!

Oh well, its a new day! I’m still learning! This protocol is more of a mental challenge than anything else. I would have to say I have changed more on the inside since starting this protcol back in August than I have changed physically, I'm learning so much about myself.

As my Mama would always say: "it’s okay-stand up, brush off your knees, put a smile on your face and keep going!"

In response to yesterday’s comments:
Biz- Whaaaaa, today isn't the day for 127! Glad you got a good night's sleep and a loss-yay! Now you can't blame me for your "smaller loss" like yesterday!

Mary- You nailed it...he is trying to sabotage me-but no worries I AM IN CONTROL!

Monica- Thanks for your sweetness-I just love ya! So much for my "non salty Monday!" I'm going to (for the 3rd day) really have a "non salty day!"

CB- Yeah, how about none of us talk to Ed today...LOL!

Renee- The jager thing...I know! Ed was putting the crab in the freezer and found it. It's not something we ever have, he's just a freak!

"The Big C"- That was funny! Glad you'll be joining us on P2, my bet is on you girlfriend!

Becca- Of course I know Sponge Bob...that's why I said it! How tricky of your daughter, too bad the kids get older and don't fall for those "tricks" any longer! Little smarty pants!

Thanks for your support my friends! Ed is feeling bad and keeps saying "I'm not going to do that anymore, I'll support you, I'm sorry...." you know what I say-blah, blah, blah, blah and BLAH! I am in control of ME and I WILL GET TO MY GOAL! I'm almost there!

Monday, January 28, 2008

VLCD #12- I said "NO!" crabby pants!

Yesterday: 128.8
Today: 128.4
Release: 0.4
R3 Release: 13.6

Yesterday: 236.8
Today: 235.0
Release: 1.8
R3 Release: 11.8

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nada
L: we shared 1 giant Alakan King crab leg w/fresh lemon
D: chicken w/cucumber (Ed, 2 grissinis & a shot of jager)
3.5 L water, 1 Pellegrino (Ed, 1.5 L)

See what happens when I say "NO!" My whole plan yesterday was to drink water and as little sodium as possible so guess who comes home with the biggest crab legs I've ever seen?! Uh huh ED! We have some good friends who own a seafood market and he stopped by and loaded up! I had to eat it, I mean how I could I pass up on that? It tasted sooooo salty and I knew that wasn't good but...whatever!

Still a loss for me and Ed has had 2 good days in a row...but I'm still beating him! Just for fun we did the ketosis strips this morning and they were as dark as they can get-GO GET THAT FAT HCG!

Okay, well today is going to be what yesterday was suppose to be...water and low sodium!

In response to yesterdays/today's comments-
Biz- It couldn't have been the tuna, everyone is eating tuna and doing just fine! Yes, my body is playing catch up and I hope I don't sound like one of those anorexic chicks that freak out if they gain a pound! It's just so nice to see that scale moving...let's get done with this already! Your sister WILL get to my weight! Like I say: "if we can do it, anyone can do it!" Our bodies love to be thin and trim!

Mary- Sorry my sense of humor is a little "off the wall" sometimes-glad you got it! And yes, I did measure yesterday and have lost .5 more on my waist-so who gives a damn about that scale!

Becca- Thanks for the compliment...yeah, I have a flame bikini that can't wait to be worn-OMG! Becca, let's not put balls, speedo and my Dad in one sentence EVER AGAIN! LOL! Thanks for all your comments-I think you are as crazy as me!

Lili- Oh, I was wondering about you-are you starting P2 today? I think I just read that on Biz' blog! Yes, tuna and pickles...yum!

Wendy- So nice of you to encourage Ed but he's running his mouth saying he's "going to beat all you ladies" me included! How's your cheating husband doing? Ever since I told him that your husband cheats on the weekends he keeps saying that's what he's going to do...whatever!

CB- Oh, another sweet compliment, thank you! I still see work that needs to be done on this bod but goodness I can't complain-we love HCG! You back?

Thanks for the visits! Ya'll make this so fun!
What?! It's Monday already? Have a good one...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

VLCD #11- Dhope!

Yesterday: 128.8
Today: 128.8
Release: 0.0
R3 Release: 13.2

Yesterday: 238.4
Today: 236.8
Release: 1.6 (and very excited because he's on the last hole on his belt)
R3 Release: 10.0

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: protein shake
L: 1/2 can of organic albacore (in water) w/organic low sodium pickle
D: bison steak w/lettuce, 1/2 apple and ginger dressing
2 L water, 1 c tea

Well dang it! I'm blaming this one on EweWho! ;) I've seen how a few people have eaten tuna and still lost so I decided to "test the theory" yesterday! Dhope! Looks like it didn't work for me, but Ed had a good loss (go figure)! Here's yesterday's nutritional breakdown:
cals: 400
protein: 68
carbs: 18
sodium: 927 (there's the problem!)

Here's what Dr. S says:
"This can be illustrated by mentioning the case of salt. In order to hold one teaspoonful of salt the body requires one liter of water, as it cannot accommodate salt in any higher concentration. Thus, if a person eats one teaspoonful of salt his weight will go up by more than two pounds as soon as this salt is absorbed from his intestine."

Now if 1 tsp. of salt contains about 2000 mg we had the equivalent of nearly 1/2 tsp of salt which would make us retain 1/2 L water which is 1 lb. of water! Okay, I just made myself feel better-I'll drink tons of water today, NO protein shake and NO tuna (oh it was so good with the pickle though)! I haven't eaten pickles ever on P2 and it's probably not a good idea. So what does this all mean? I do better when I drink alcohol than when I eat sodium so that's the trick for me! LOL

Ready for a good joke?
In heaven God asked for all the men and all the women to form 2 lines-one line was for all the people who have women as the head of their household and the second was for the people who had men as the head of their household. The line with women as head of the household was a mile long and the one with the men as head of the household hand only 1 man standing there! God walked over to the man in that line and was shocked, then said "out of all the men who I have made leaders you are the only one in this line, I make you the example, what words of wisdom can you share with all of us?" The man looked around a bit confused and said "I don't know, my wife told me to stand here!"

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

VLCD #10- The animal needs to be caged...

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 129.2
Today: 128.8
Release: 0.4
R3 Release: 13.2

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 237.8
Today: 238.4
GAIN: 0.6 (he's actually happy about that...hmm)
R3 Release: 8.4

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nothing
L: grilled chicken w/ cucumber (Ed-Mexican, yes AGAIN)!
D: bison steak w/grilled onions (Ed, nothing)
1.5 L water

No complaints for me other than I didn’t drink as much water yesterday. Now Ed on the other hand…today’s weigh in should be interesting (he is still asleep so I’ll post his stats later)! He met a friend at a Mexican restaurant yesterday-SCARY! From what he "says" he ate queso, CHIPS and chicken- oh yeah and a “couple” of beers. Last night he was trying to convince me-“let’s just go as long as possible on the HCG with a few cheats here and there, and it won’t matter we’ll still lose better than if we were on any other diet.” It's like...isn't that what you are already doing?! Whatever, he can do what he wants but I want get this round completed and move on! We have such a relaxed lifestyle and we used to eat out ALL the time. Many of our great memories revolved around food and drinks-wow, has that all changed! Good thing I didn’t start this blog on R1 because I can only imagine how pathetic it would’ve been! It was a total lifestyle change overnight and we weren’t sure how to deal with it emotionally. Ya'll should've seen us, we were a couple of messes! This protocol forces you to take a good look at yourself and your life…we always joked that we were in “rehab.” I have completely changed my relationship with food and each round gets easier and easier. Ed, as you can see we’re still working on it!

So, in response to yesterdays comments-
Biz- We just love your comments! You set the stage for me girlfriend…I kept saying “I’m going to have a R3 like Biz” I think it worked! Ed was all proud of himself yesterday because he drank his “whole water bottle” it’s still only 1 L, oh well-he’s trying (kind of)!

EweWho- 120 when you were 12?! I wonder if you could get back to that weight (not that you would want to). Do you think there is a set point that our bodies won’t move past? I’m going to post some recent pics today too! Thanks as always for your compliments…you are the best!

Wendy- Thanks little Missy! Score on the passport…197 bucks though, dang! I still can’t believe we need passports to go to Mexico! BTW, you’re kickin’ some booty too!

Mary- Thanks as always, hope you had a nice day yesterday!

Becca- I love it…the wine and rose diet, oh yeah and beer! Whatever we’re doing or NOT doing I’ll take it! It is funny though because on previous rounds Ed’s average was around 1.4 a day- this round…let’s see-wow, still 1 lb a day! This protocol is amazing! Like I say "if we can do it, anyone can do it!"

Lili- And Thank You for the compliments! I need to update our pics-I can’t even wear those pants anymore because they are too big-gotta love it! Extra sauce on those ribs…that was great! Yum, I want some ribs! I’m so grateful we found this protocol before we got too out of control. I couldn’t imagine being anymore overweight and then trying to lose it the “normal way.” You’re right there is no excess skin-it’s like my body is reshaping as if there was no extra weight before-I can’t wait to see my pics after this round! Yeah, my Dad wears a speedo too…we tease him but he doesn’t care-what’s with these guys? I would much rather see my boyfriend in one that my DAD-ewww!

Well that's quite the note to end on...NOT!

I hope to have a nice "chill" weekend! Thanks for being here for us!

Friday, January 25, 2008

VLCD #9- Jenn is so in the lead...

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 130.2
Today: 129.2 (what a 2 as the second #? Wow, been a long while since I've seen that)
Release: 1.0
R3 Release: 12.8

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 238.0
Today: 237.8
Release: 0.2
R3 Release: 9.0

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: coffee w/ stevia
L: grilled chicken w/ tomato, 1/2 orange
D: Jay Robbs protein shake
2 L water (Ed, maybe drank 20 oz that's why his loss wasn't that great)

We were good kids yesterday-I know hard to believe! I'm very surprised at my #'s this round. I remember reading Biz' blog during her R3 and I hoped mine would be as far sooo good!

If you haven't noticed we posted our before/after pics on the side bar of our blog. You can click on the image to enlarge it (if you dare)! It's amazing how just 33 lbs (Ed) and 25 lbs gone (me) can make such a difference. Goodness we were chunky monkeys! Those pics were taken after R1. We forgot to take pics after R2. Now being on R3 I can see even greater results-I will make sure and post pics after R3 (maybe I can sneak a pic of Ed with his shirt off, no Becca NOT a speedo)! ROFL

In response to yesterday's comments:
Biz- Sorry, we beat you to it...Don't be mad you know that Ed and I are the perfect candidates to test the theory. You are the HCG leader and have to be a good example-Ed and I on the other hand that went out the window on what VLCD 4?! The whole "girly man" is hilarious! Yes, Ed drinks wine...and he likes it too!

Mary- Don't be a hater-LOL! Come on...drink with us Birthday girl-KIDDING!

EweWho- Ed was cracking up at what you wrote-he's a stud but I am much cuter-LOL! Thanks as always for your sweet comments!

Monica- I would defiantly say we have found what doesn't Not work for us (good way to put that)! No Monica you keep being good and do not do what we what we say! I mean do what Dr. S says!

Becca- Ya know what? Normally when we drink we get sooooo hungry but with the HCG it hasn't made us hungry-alcohol or not! And the six pack-girl you so funny! Don't worry if he loses (which he will) I'll figure something out!

Lili- Interesting huh?! I'm still losing but I shouldn't keep testing it! I keep thinking of the saying "if you don't want to fall of the cliff don't stand on the edge." I have made sure to stay under my 500 cal and drink plenty of water-now Ed's small loss today could support your theory! Ed is really bad about drinking water so I'm sure that was a huge factor. Hope your feeling better.

Okay, I guess that's all! Who knows what's in store for the weekend-would I even dare to try it again? As Becca said which I recommend-just watch from a distance!

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to Mary she is turning 21 today! ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

VLCD #8 - Testin' the limits...

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 132.2
Today: 130.2
Release: 2.0
R3 Release: 11.8

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 239.6
Today: 238.0
Release: 1.6
R3 Release: 8.8
(Only took him 8 days but he is now UNDER his LIW)

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nothing
L: nothing
D: 2 glasses of Merlot, 91/9 organic grilled hamburger (Ed, grissini)
2 L water

I mean we have to be honest right?! This blog is for us and if we lie aren't we just lying to ourselves? With that being said- I gotta take the blame for this one! TOM unexpectedly showed up yesterday! I've been reading how people are having some interesting TOM issues and then out of mine comes! I wasn't feeling too great yesterday, not wanting to eat, nothing sounding good so I didn't eat! It wasn't on purpose I was just listening to my body. Ed had appointments all day and didn't eat either. At about 5 pm I got to thinkin' "hmmm, I dare" knowing what his answer would be I called Ed, his answer "Hell Yeah" (of coarse)! He walked in the door with a bottle of wine and roses....sweet huh?! After one glass we were both like "wow"... it didn't take much!

So my loss today I'm sure is a combo of less cals and TOM arriving! I always lose good once it arrives. We probably sound like a couple of "lushes" don't we?! I don't really know what got into me but this whole thing has got me thinking....can you be a bit "devious" as long as there is no sugar/starch and you stay under 500 cal? I think we may continue to test this theory!

The best part is I stepped on the scale this morning and the first reading said 126.6-WHAT?! I stepped on it again....oh, 130.2...still shocking! 3 more times, still 130.2-I'll take it! Whoooop there it is!

Onto yesterday's comments:
Biz- Ed is doing another round and said "game on" probably because of the 1 beer a day. Thanks for everything Biz! The ginger dressing, that's yours girlfriend-WE LOVE IT!

Monica- Thank you for checking on us everyday...can't wait to see if your stall is over!

Mary- Another encourager...thank you! Yes, there is defiantly some competition going on-it's so fun that way especially when I'm winning-oh yeah!

EweWho- You are the one that's the cheerleader-thanks for always being there for me! Ed is lots of fun...he said he'll post once a week (oh, thanks honey for gracing us with your presence) LOL!

Renee- I know, I can't believe I'm almost to the 120's hopefully tomorrow I'll be seeing #2 on the scale (120 was the weight I was at when I met Ed)! Thanks as always for checking on us!

Crystal- Ed read your comment last night (while drinking his wine) saying-"yeah Captain" he was laughin' at your post!

Becca- We read your post this morning and we were laughing sooo hard just at the thought of him in a speedo! It's so funny because I told him that I was going to post our "before & after" pics and that I was going to use the ones with his shirt off (I was kidding) but he was like "no, don't" I said if I have to have my butt posted you can show your gut...he won! Hence his nice, clothed pic! I can't stop laughing! Men, no matter how fit they are really should not wear a speedo! I may purposely lose if that was the bet! Oh yeah he said "tell those ladies to stop fantasizing about me" ROFL!

Time to publish this puppy! Can't wait to see how all my buddies are doing! Have a good one-it's almost Friday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

VLCD #7 "The girls need a head start..."

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 133.4
Today: 132.2
Release: 1.2
R3 Release: 9.8

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 243.2
Today: 239.6
Release: 3.6
R3 Release: 7.2
+0.6 LIW

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nothing (normally we have coffee but for some reason we just haven't been drinking it...we had it every single day on our previous rounds-I think we're better w/out it).
L: Organic 91/9 grilled hamburger, salad w/ ginger dressing, orange
D: grilled shrimp, asparagus (lemon, s&p)
2.5 L water, 1 c. tea w/stevia

Hey everyone this is Ed (beer drinking Evil Ed). I read everyone’s comments and when I read Winston’s I decided it was time to step up and post. Ladies its good you are encouraging Jennifer so much because this is the FIRST and ONLY time she is beating me. I may be the “bad one” but Jennifer always goes along with me-she is my partner in crime. Winston, the girls just need a head start so they don’t feel as bad when we are passing them up! Jennifer always gets so mad and whines because I win at everything. Men Rule and Women Drool! Damn Mexican restaurants - at least I didn't have a Margarita! Thanks for the comments Jennifer does a great job of telling on me.

Oh, the King has spoken and the Queen says "WHAT-EVER!"

Ed is obviously excited about his big loss today, no worries I'm still goin' by day and feeling great! We decided for this round we would go back down to 125 iu and it's made a world of difference!

In response to yesterday's comments:


Mary- The SlimFast is not the regular or the Optima. You have to look for the "Low Carb" (Wally World has them). We drank them during P3 because they have 20g of protein!

Biz- Ed can be our lab rat, let's test out the 500 cal thing on him! Just to torture him let's start by making him eat 500 cal worth of cabbage (he HATES cabbage)! Have I said it enough...glad you’re back on P2!

Wendy- Ohhhh it does feel good to beat him! I'm thinking realistically 120 is the weight I'll end up at this round-we have the same goal! I think it's a good realistic goal for our height. I even read somewhere that at 5'1" you should weigh between 105-115-hmmm!

Lili- Thanks for the visit...glad you checked us out! Our life is humorous to me so I'm glad I have people to laugh with! Yeah, the regular SlimFast is high in good, gotta get the Low Carb ones!

Crystal- Mrs. Perfect who doesn't drink alcohol! I know, Biz is teaching me the "loop holes!" Now that she has her black belt in this protocol she knows all the little secrets. But you're right-beer is a no-no!

Marshall- Thanks for the comment, it was great for Ed to realize that other men and WOMEN are out there kicking his butt! It's time for tough guy to step it up!

Renee- Thanks girlfriend, as always! My protein powder is due to arrive today and we plan on using it this round so I'll let you know how it is. They are so convenient!

CB- And Thank You for the visit! I have been reading everyone’s blogs since I found Biz' so I feel like I know all of you, thanks for tuning into our story!

Monica- Thanks, we are trying to catch up with YOU! I think the key to going out to eat is-eat less for that day or even skip your fruit just in case the food isn't prepared according to P2 (w/unavoidable oil) that way the extra cals won't hurt you too much! Eating out is still an option you just have to do things a little different that day and order food that is on the protocol.

Becca- Ummm you make me laugh just as hard! The whole "Protocoland"'re killing me! We could even have our own "R2P2" language! Toooooo funnnny-thanks Mary!

Thank you for the comments yesterday, we are grateful to be going through this journey with all of you! We're cheering you on too! Have a great one ya'll!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VLCD #6- Back to Business!

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 135.2
Today: 133.4
Release: 1.8
R3 Release: 8.6

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 243.4
Today: 243.2
Release: 0.2
R3 Release: 3.6
+4.2 LIW

What?! I didn't expect that much of a loss-this is exactly where I was at on R1...8 lbs gone for me, and Ed-he was down 11 lbs by now! This is the first round where I'm ahead of him and it feels goooood! I've had to deal with him for the past 2 rounds rubbing it in that he's always losing more than me so it's payback! I think he is starting to recover from the "incident" and wasn't that mad when he stepped on the scale-he said "better than a gain" improvement in attitude because on previous rounds if he didn't lose like a pound a day he would be cursing at the scale!

Yesterday was such a busy day for us-we weren't home all day so I grabbed us both a SlimFast (low carb, high protein), an apple and some leftover chicken. That is all we had all day(plus 3 L of water). The SlimFast is there for us "in case of emergency." I have not had them on previous rounds but have heard people have done great with protein shakes. I'm a natural, organic freak and don't like the ingredients in SlimFast BUT I did find a really great protein shake online that is made with egg white protein and stevia. It's an all natural, high protein powder-I ordered it but it hasn't arrived yet! If you're curious here is the link:

Now, I know why you all post the responses to your previous days comments on your blog page-waaay easier! I'm going to start responding the same way, so here we go-
Becca- Yes, Ed is learning...and look who is beating who? Poor fella...still only a loss of 0.2 today, your right that is what he gets for tempting me :) He knows we can't do a steak day, but he thinks it's the best thing! When we are on P3 he always asks "can we do a steak day" (even when we aren't over our LIW) he loves them! He gets confused sometimes though, even yesterday he said "we can have cheese right?" Ed, what the?! NO STEAK DAY and NO CHEESE! Weird-o!

Mary- Protocoland...that's so funny! Hey maybe I'm onto something with the beer...let me know if you need more "detailed instructions" on the beer diet-LOL!

Wendy- Thanks for the visit! I have enjoyed reading your blog and I relate to you so much! Yeah, I'm glad I didn't go crazy with the food, I thought the beer was bad enough-I like to think of myself as a "good-bad girl" hee, hee! How is your hubby doin? Cheaters....

Biz- Stop...what is with these beer drinkin' fools? Ed read your comment and said "see, we can have beer"...he needs NO encouragement! Once again....MEN!

EweWho- You know what's crazy? It wasn't even hard to pass up on those chips-this HCG is magical, I'm not even hungry! Yes, I keep track of the deviations, that's funny huh?! Oh, yeah and Ed did cheat on his first day so he totally broke the record! Thanks for always cheering me on!

Renee- Yes, beer and Mexican do go hand in hand. Ya know I think Biz is right-as long as we stay under the 500 cal. maybe we can have some alcohol every now and then....even in P2 (oops did I just write that)?! I'm NOT encouraging it but even on P3 as long as I ate very little carbs I could drink wine with no gain!

Thanks for all the comments, ya'll crack me up! Have a great day my friends!

Monday, January 21, 2008

VLCD #5- Beer on the protocol?

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 136.4
Today: 135.2
Release: 1.2
R3 Release: 6.8
+0.2 LIW

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 239.8
Today: 243.4
Gain: +3.6
R3 Release: 3.4
+4.4 LIW

Ready for this one?!
Yesterday’s Menu:
B: nothing
L: Mexican (Jenn: 3 mugs of BudLight, 3 strips of grilled chicken w/salsa & lettuce) (Ed: 4 mugs of BudLight, queso, chips, beef fajitas w/ 1 corn toritlla, 1/2 ice cream cone)
D: ya' kiddin me....NO WAY ARE WE HAVING DINNER!
3 L water, 2 c. tea w/stevia

Yep, that's right! I am so laughing and Ed is so crying right now! He keeps saying "let's just do a steak day today" he's so funny! When he deviates he always feels really bad, it's great he has to face his own consequences and I don't even have to open my mouth...well I did say "I told you!"

He deserves it...he is the one that started the whole beer scenario! I blame him because he has this funny way of talking me into things when I'm so determined not to do them-eww! So ya know we went out to Mexican yesterday. The restaurant was packed so we were sitting at the bar (big mistake) waiting for our table and for people to arrive. I was talking to family and then right before me out of nowhere came this cold, icy BudLight in a frosty mug! What?! Evil Ed thought it was so funny because HE ordered them! The worst part is we discussed beforehand that we were ABSOLUTELY NOT going to eat bad or drink no matter how much the fam pressures us-well Ed was no help...he was the worst one! I caved in, I haven't had beer in so long and I decided "whatever" so I drank it...then I drank another...and then ANOTHER! By the 3rd one we were just laughing saying "what are we doing?!" When it was time to order our meals I felt so bad (but good) so I didn't order anything! Ed got fajitas so I ate 3 strips of grilled chicken w/salsa and lettuce...and that's it! Not even one single chip!

I didn't go over the 500 cals-and as you saw I lost 1.2! I was so worried to step on the scale so I'll HAPPILY take the loss-oh yeah! Ed said "I'm done cheating now, I promise" uh huh we'll see! It's been really funny doing this protocol with him. You'd think with this being our R3 he would know better but he doesn't care...he lives in the "now" and when he wakes up in the "tomorrow" he usually says "it was, but wasn't worth it!" I'm a perfectionist and it's hard for me to just "let go" which is why we are so good together, I like to think we are the perfect Yin and Yang! :)

It's only 40 days...and where this is my last round for life (with all hopes) it's just NOT WORTH IT! I want to give it my all and be done! Ed will be doing one more round and because of this amazing protocol he feels "we'll be able to lose all the weight we want w/ HCG, it's okay!" We broke our own record for deviations...the first round it took 11 days to deviate, second round 9 days...third round-4 days! Oh well at least I lost...hee, hee!

Another day down! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and happy Monday!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

VLCD #4- Crab needs to go...

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 137.6
Today: 136.4
Release: 1.2
R3 Release: 5.6
+1.4 LIW

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 241.5
Today: 239.8
Release: 1.7
R3 Release: 7.0
+0.8 LIW

Yesterday’s Menu:
B: coffee w/ stevia
L: Ginger chicken salad w/chopped apple
D: crab, orange (Ed, grissini)
2.75 L water, 1 c. tea

Oh, I hate to be in a hurry! We have a "fun filled family day" ahead of us! We're getting together with family today to take Ed's Mom out to lunch for her birthday- she wants Mexican-hmmm! When I'm on P2 I have very little desire to eat out! We were able to get out of our plans for last night but not today!

I'm thinkin' no more crab! Ed doesn't drink enough water to balance out all the sodium. His #'s on the previous rounds were better on VLCD 4. Another thing is it's really hard to measure, we always have to "guesstimate" and I don't like that-I'm too OCD :)

Becca asked how I prepare it and all I do is bake it (425) just until it gets hot and then I drizzle fresh lemon juice over it-yummy! BTW, thanks for the comments-ya'll always hook me up!

Okay gotta go, Ed is totally naggin'...he always pressures me to "get ready, cuz it takes you sooooo long!" I must say though he does a great job of assuring me (almost) daily how "worth the wait" I am...hee, hee!

I'll get to all your blogs tonight-can't wait to see your progress!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

VLCD #3 - What's up Winners!

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 139.2
Today: 137.6
Release: 1.6
+2.6 LIW

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 242.0
Today: 241.5
Release: 0.5
+2.5 LIW

The truth comes out! Ed was in shock at his small release today and he was kind of acting weird so I started to pry..."did you sneak something, what did you eat?" He got this funny ashamed look on his face and said "2 mini peanut butter cups!" This is a great lesson for him this early on. Ed likes to sneak little treats and test the limits so maybe this will help the next time he gets that little devil on his shoulder!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: coffee w/ stevia
L: bison burger (again) with grilled “aminos” onions, apple
D: crab, ½ cucumber, orange (Ed, grissini plus 2 sneaky mini pb cups)
2 L water, 1 c. tea

Have I mentioned yet how great it is to have Winners out there doing this
protocol? It’s even better when so many are doing p2 with us! Sometimes we feel so alone because it’s still so unheard of! I have learned –DO NOT TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE INJECTING YOURSELF…and especially don’t tell them what substance you are injecting! I had a friend ask one time “so where do you get your steroids” funny huh?! One of the hardest things for me has been watching the people I care about get bigger and Bigger and BIGGER! They are watching Ed and I lose weight…they say they want to lose weight…but...that’s it! We feel so grateful to have found this protocol and the "magic potion" and all of you!

I think I now know what Biz was talking about when she said that her R3 felt different! We feel the best we have felt yet on any rounds-I know it’s only VLCD 3 today but I feel so much more confident in the process of this protocol and so far-NO HUNGER! Maybe we loaded properly this time (ya’ think-lol)!

We will be spending time with family this weekend and we're going to try as best as possible to act like we are not “still on THAT diet” (that’s what they say). Whenever we get with them we happen to be on P2 and they like to pressure us “oh, you can have that" and “you’ll be back on it tomorrow, it’s okay.” It’s so annoying but I'll be matter what! Now Ed on the other hand...we'll see! It's interesting how it seems some people don't want you to succeed (I know you all know what I'm talkin' about)!

Thanks for the input on Sim-ee-ons, I'm now saying it right! Hope everyone has a great loooooong weekend, can’t wait to see all the stats! Any of you eat crab during P2?

Friday, January 18, 2008

VLCD #2 - What about Exercise?

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 142.0
Today: 139.2
Release: -2.8
+4.2 LIW

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 246.8
Today: 242.0
Release: -4.8
+3.0 LIW

Do you see that? Yesterday was our 1st VLCD and Ed is almost to his go boy! I'll happily take my -2.8 release!

I was looking over the HCG Yahoo board yesterday and came upon an interesting discussion about exercise. Ed and I have walked an average of 3-5 days a week (45-60 min) both rounds because I thought the more cals we burn would help our weight loss. I think I need to re-evaluate that decision this round! Maybe that’s why I was hungry last round-can you believe I’m questioning that NOW? I didn’t really even think about it! I was just being a “good girl” doing what I have been taught, which is exercise to lose weight. Hmm, interesting!

Okay so I have a question…I couldn’t wait to ask this! So I have never “heard” the name Simeons and don’t know how to pronounce it! Is it Sime-ons? Sim-e-ons? I keep saying it different every time! What do ya’ll say?

Yesterday’s Menu:
Breakfast: nothing
Jennifer-3 oz. ground Bison burger (seasoned w/ s&p, garlic powder & powdered stevia)
1 small tomato w/ s&p
Ed- High protein Slim Fast (he was out all day and I thought we’d test this). Guess it worked just fine!
Ginger Salad (3.5 oz grilled chicken atop lettuce and chopped apple with Biz’ ginger dressing) this is a staple item for us!

2 c. tea w/liquid stevia & 3 L. water (Ed is really bad about drinking water-I have to remind him all day long and if we're lucky he drinks "maybe" 1 L. he has been this way from the start.)

Today is shopping day and Alaskan King Crab is definitely on the list!
Happy day to you all...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

VLCD #1 - Results of Load Day #2

R2 LIW: 135.0
Yesterday: 139.8
Today: 142.0
Gain: +2.2
+7.0 LIW

R2 LIW: 239.0
Yesterday: 248.0
Today: 246.8
Release: -1.2
+7.8 LIW

Ed lost weight on his load day....what the?! We were still traveling yesterday (and finally arrived in Houston last night). Neither one of us were very hungry due to the previous pig fest the night before so we decided to drink the last of our wine and cocktails and then eat at our favorite sushi restaurant for dinner. During the drive I was reading Monica's blog and she talked about pizza-so I decided it's been soooo long since I had pizza I better get me some-the power of suggestion! We both had a personal pan pizza (it didn't taste that good but at least now I won't say "I wished I had pizza!") So later that evening we ate sushi...lots of sushi! I was even more stuffed than I was the night before-painfully stuffed! After we ate I was so thirsty all night, I drank almost 2 liters of water-wow huh?!

So this morning I was scared to step on the scale....+2.2-guess it could have been worse! I was curious about Ed...-1.2 - go figure! We both felt the HCG yesterday so today for our 1st VLCD we should be just fine!

We are planning on going at least 40 days this round. This will be my last round and I'm very curious how much my body will release. Ed is planning on one more. I don't know what my "set point" is and I figure if I start getting hungry then I'll know it's time to stop! Last round we did 175 iu and like I mentioned I was hungry- so this round I'm going back to the basics like the 1st round with 125 iu. When all else fails, follow the rules! I'm also not going to be eating the Melba or Grisini, Ed will.

Thanks for the visits my fellow bloggers! I can't wait to step on the scale and see a loss tomorrow! It can be so addicting can't it?!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 we go....

Results of Load day #1

R2 LIW: 135.0
+3.4 LIW (phase 3-4)
Load day #1 gain +1.4 = 139.8
+4.8 LIW
Total Release Since R1P2: 25.2 lbs

R2 LIW: 239.0
+8.4 LIW (phase 3-4)
Load day #1 gain +0.6 = 248.0
+9.0 LIW
Total Release Since R1P2: 32.0 lbs

Load days…what to do? I woke up yesterday ready to start my first load day and then I started to question myself…should I load? What should I eat- healthy fats, sweets, carbs, anything I wanted? I didn’t want to gain all these crazy pounds I’ve read people have gained- so I just gave up and let the day play out! We are traveling from SLC, UT (where I’m originally from) back home to Houston, TX. This is our R3 and the two previous rounds were completely different for me (not Ed). I was very hungry the last round and wondered the entire time if it was because I didn’t load properly. Ed doesn’t get caught up in the details like I do (hence his +9 LIW). No matter how much he gains on load days he will have it dropped within 3 days on VLCD-MEN! So I decided to not worry about it and I ate what I wanted! My beverage of choice alllllll day was white wine…Ed, cocktails. We ate stuffed mushrooms, chips and Texas style bean dip. Then we went to the River Walk in San Antonio, TX and ate Mexican! We pigged…and it was good (especially the Tres Leches). We were both soooo stuffed which is a feeling we don’t feel too often! I felt like I ate SO much, so a gain of 1.4 for me and 0.6 for Ed is surprising!

We are excited to have this blog! I have enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs and thanks to Biz’ encouragement…here we are! My husband Ed and I have been together for 5 years (married 3). We have “his and hers” kids but not full time, so we are like newlyweds all the time! We own our own LED sign company and have the freedom and flexibility to travel and enjoy life as we please. We are continually blessed. We are both anxious to see what this third round will be like-and the reward? MEXICO!

The journey continues…