Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life is gooooood!

LIW: 217.8
Today: 222.0


Hollllllllllllllllah! How is everybody? We wanted to give ya'll a quick update. We picked the kids up from the airport last Wednesday and when they saw us they were surprised at how different we look. We are having such a great time with them and what's even better is we feel so good and have so much energy to play with them rather than watch them play! Ed and I keep thinking back to last summer and how different we felt-what a difference 45 and 60 pounds make!

We are doing great as far as the scale goes too! Ed is up a little today because he ate some of the brown rice that I made for dinner last night. I ate the brown rice too and didn't gain-hee, hee! I made the most delicious low carb cheesecake too-here is the recipe:,,FOOD_9936_27072,00.html

I'm still shocked at how much food we can eat and still maintain. It's been 3 months since I've been done with the protocol and I'm STILL staying at the same weight. I remember reading in the manuscript that the success rate is 60%-70%-what other "diets" have those numbers? Each day when we step on the scale we feel excited that we actually found something that WORKED! How great life is not having to be on a DIET!!!!

We've hardly been on the computer since the kids have been here but I still make time to check on ya'll! Thanks for always checking on us too! We are having such a great time and enjoying being with our kids so much. We really cherish the time we have with them because they grow up so fast-whaaaaaaa!

We have another fun filled day ahead so I better get this posted! I'll make sure and update again soon. Stay cool and be safe! Love you guys!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ed's R4 is OVER!

Total R4 Loss: -20.2
LIW: 217.8
Today: 218.0


Yep that's right, Ed is finally finished with this round!!! His LIW was on Friday and WE ard both glad he's done ;) Yesterday was his first P3 day and he enjoyed eggs and steak with blue cheese and thought he was in heaven. It was really funny because I was asking him on Sunday what he wants for his first P3 meal and he said "can I do a steak day, even though I'm not over my LIW?" I'm tellin' ya he LOVES the steak days and it doesn't bother him to wait all day to eat (unlike me). Speaking of...

I have to tell ya'll about my experiment. This weekend I "over indulged" on a few starchy items and I gained 3 lbs...I know. Lesson: Don't eat white rice, spring rolls w/peanut sauce, chex mix (don't ask) and roasted soy beans all day. I'm blaming PMS! Okay, so instead of doing a steak day or an egg day I did the "both day"-LOL! Reading Monica's blog reminded me about what Dr. S says about the hunger-edema and to eat 2 eggs in the morning, huge steak at lunch and another steak at dinner (followed by a large helping of cheese). So I decided to try it-even though I wasn't protein deficient-which is why you do this in the first place. Well it was a success-I lost 1.4 which is about what I lose when I do an egg day (I tend to lose more on egg days than steak days). Today I will be doing an egg day to get me back down. You know I've accepted the fact that if I'm going to eat starches and sugar that I'm most likely going to gain. I do my best not to freak out when I see the gains I just decide that moment to get it handled and not have ANOTHER day of sugar or starches. Maintaining is work and I do believe that being thin and staying thin is about making conscious decisions about what I eat. I keep my weight in check by weighing everyday and then if I do see I've gained more than 2 lbs then I make sure and do a protein day. Even though my hypo has been reset the fact is I have to continually make healthy food choices. I'm learning what foods I can have together and which ones I can't. Remember awhile back when I had the DQ blizzard and didn't gain? Looking back on that day I ate mostly proteins. When I combine starches and sugar it seems that's when I get in trouble. I'm learning!

I sure can't wait until you are all at your goal weights. Maintaining and hanging near LIW is a journey in itself. Hurry up, I need ya'll! LOL

Well our life is about to completely change in 1 day! The kids will be here and we have many "Edventures" planned. Camping, fishing, swimming, water parks, skate parks and who knows what else. We are really looking forward to it. I will still update once a week just to keep ya'll informed and to check on you. Please know that even if we don't comment that we do check on each one of you...our blogger buds! We appreciate all of your love and support.

Be well!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ed: P2D33-Almost done!

Total R4 Loss: -18.0
Current weight: 220.0


How's everybody doing out there? All is well here with us in blazing HOT Texas! I'm telling you if there's any reason Ed and I wanted to lose weight it's so we could survive the hot, humid summer months with way less insulation! We didn't begin this protocol until the end of August of last year so we spent most of summer FAT, ahhh how things have changed!

Ya'll things have just been crazy for us! I feel like everything is hitting us at once and we have so much to do before the kids arrive in 7 days!!!! Ed is doing great but feeling a little disappointed that this round hasn't been his "award winning round". I keep reminding him that 18 lbs gone in 33 days is outstanding compared to any other "diet" he could ever do (especially since he has NOT been strict with his P2 foods this round). So here's the plan-Ed is going to go until he gets to 215 as his LIW and then do P3 until the mid of July and then start back for one last round to get under 200 lbs. I personally think my man looks great right now. It's amazing to me how the HCG not only makes you lose pounds but INCHES! Gotta love it!

So, I'm back to my usual 121 (and some change). This is my sweet spot and where my body seems to like to be. I went shopping yesterday and it's still so crazy for me to pick up size 4's and have them fit-what a feeling...what a GREAT feeling!

Hope our buddies out there are doing good! We want to give a special shout out to Regina-(EweWho) who entered Onederland today-we are so proud of you-66 lbs gone forevaaaaaaa-keep going!!! Hope everyone else is doing good and your "fat is melting away like crisco on the blacktop in the hot sun, on a sunny day, on a summer solstice, with no cloud cover, like the hottest day ever" as Jerry would say! For the rest of you in P3, happy maintaining!!!

Take care friends!!!