Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ed: P2D26

Total R4 Loss: -13.2
Current weight: 224.8


When the goin' gets tough...the tough KEEP goin' (this is what Ed said this morning after his injection)! Ya'll this has been the most interesting round for both Ed and I (and I'm not even on a round-LOL). I really commend all of you who have done round after round living with people who are not doing the protocol. We always refer to this protocol and experience as a "Journey" and even with Ed and I being in 2 different stages of this we are both still realizing and learning about our relationship with food and why we were overweight. By golly I think we're getting it!

We had a great weekend and tried to be out as much as possible. We ate crawfish and seafood and enjoyed the HOT weather...NOT! It's been so hot that the only way you can be outside is if you are in the boat on the lake or in the swimming pool!

So as of today Ed is up 2.8 lbs from where he was a week ago. Ed wants to keep going so I mixed him up a new batch of HCG for another 14 days. I wonder if the more rounds you go the more relaxed you get about it. It's so vitally important to follow P2 as written if you want to have optimal results. I believe that the daily losses is what makes this protocol successful and why people stick to it. If you are deviating and not eating the P2 menu you don't get to enjoy those losses that keeps you motivated to keep going. Ed is determined to succeed and go as many rounds as it takes at HIS pace. When he does deviate he doesn't beat himself up or stress about it he just takes it as "I'm not worried about it" so because of that I don't nag or give him "the look" this is his own experience.

So want to hear something really great that happens when your body has found it's set point and why ya'll should keep going and get to that weight that you want to stay at? I've mentioned that I'm eating what I please (I stick to fresh foods and proteins as much as possible). I don't count my cals and I even had a Dairy Queen blizzard and I didn't even go up 1 oz the next day. I couldn't wait to tell ya'll that! Yeah today I'm up 1 lb but I fluctuate up a pound down a pound-it's all gooooooooooooood! As "hard" as those 3 rounds seemed to be at times, it's sooooo worth the reward! Keep going...

Ya'll thanks for the comments! I've decided the easiest thing is making my rounds and leaving comments for you on your blog. My computer time is nothing like it used to be and with summer vacation almost here and 4 kids, it will really be limited. Please know that we do check on all of you! Jerry-bud, you need to email us at je_mcnair at yahoo dot com. Your comment is so funny and we need to correspond through email! Hope things are going well for you!

Alrighty then, we're signing off for now! Take care and have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ed: P2D18-C'mon let's get to the teens already!

Today's Loss: -0.4
Total R4 Loss: -16.0
Current weight: 222.0


Well helllllllllllllo there! Wow things could have been so much worse (as far as the scale goes). This weekend we were not home at all so we had to do the best we could. Ed actually did pretty good, he's still a pound lower than where he was on Thursday and I'm .6 down! What Ed did while eating out is he made sure he stayed as close to 500 cals as possible. I've learned what works best for me is to focus on eating plenty of protein with veggies. Ed keeps commenting how the HCG has really made it where he hasn't been hungry, gotta love it!

So guess what? This weekend we are going to...another crawfish boil! Ed says he doesn't want to take an interrupted break so he'll just have to deal with any gain! This will be the last crawfish boil of the season so we couldn't pass it up! ;)

Not much to report! We are busy getting ready for the summer since all 4 kids will be out! I feel like we have so much to do in a short 3 weeks. We are really looking forward to it!

Thanks to our fellow bloggers for your comments! We also want to give a special shout out to Jerry from Richmond, VA-It's awesome you decided to take the plunge! We wish you as much success as we've had-it's been an amazing journey so far. Please keep us posted (your comments crack us up)!

We'll be updating again in a few days! Thanks as always for your visits! Take care friends.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ed: P2D14-Another day in Protocoland!

Today's Release: (loss) -0.0
Total R4 Release: (loss) -15.0
Current weight: 223.0


What's up LOSERS who are major WINNERS! Wow, things have been a bit hectic for us these last couple of days. We've had to eat out a couple of times so Ed hasn't exactly stuck to the protocol BUT he hasn't been gaining-which is great! Today Ed is doing the P2 "egg day" to get the fat loss back in action!

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better and eating a very balanced P4 menu and still maintaining. I'm not limiting myself on starches and I'm eating what sounds good (which a lot of the time is salads). As I've mentioned before, I feel that my body has found it's set point. It's been 2 months since my LIW and I'm 6.8 over. I think 115 is a bit unrealistic-for me, 120 is a very healthy weight so to maintain right here NOT being on a diet feels wonderful! Guess what? The Protocol WORKS!!!

Hope all is well our blogger buds-I will be making my rounds today to get caught up on ya'll! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and well wishes!

We will be gone most of the weekend (weddings and family) so I hope Ed can continue being strong....we shall see! LOL

Have a great Friday and a great weekend! Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ed: P2D11-Still on the Losin' Train!!!

Today's Release: -0.8
Total R4 Release: -15.0
Current weight: 223.0

119.8 (this is not accurate because I've been sick)

Well long time no write my friends! So sorry we haven't updated until now. We have been gone and then I've been sick (in bed can't move, sick). Today I am feeling better and by tomorrow I'll be back to my usual self!!!

Ed has been doing great! We went out for Mexican food on Saturday and he ate chips and queso (his favorite) and had 2 off protocol beverages and guess what? He still lost the next day! Yesterday I couldn't get out of bed so he was on his own to prepare his food. He stayed under 500 cals (eating various off protocol foods) and lost again! Let's say it together.....MEN!!!!

So all is well here in Protocoland! I'm anxious to check on ya'll to see how things are going in your worlds! Thanks Becca, Biz, Liz, B, Mary Moe, Lili, Monica and Crystal for your comments (as always). We really appreciate the time you take to leave us your words of love, encouragement and support!!!

Okay another day down! Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ed: P2D6!

Yesterday's Loss: - 2 lbs
Today's Loss: - 1 lb
Total R4 Release: -12.0
Current weight: 226.0

122.2 (down 1.2)
(did an egg day yesterday)

Hi ya'll! Quick post today! Ed is down 12 lbs already-he was a little disappointed that he "only" lost 1 lb this morning but HE figured out that he had too much Soy Milk yesterday (I told him but he thought it would be "okay"). I want to clarify that the ONLY reason why we are drinking Soy Milk is because we need to use it up. On previous rounds Ed and I only used half and half and we would recommend you use that. If all else fails-follow the manuscript! LOL

I've been at 123.4 so yesterday I decided to do an egg day to see if this weight is my set point. I lost 1.2 (which normally on egg days I lose more than that). So I'm thinking this is right where my body wants to be-and I'm JUST FINE with that!

We need to get going but I wanted to tell Marrrray, Crystal (I wrote a comment in your blog about the dressing), Connie, Becca, Lil, Biz, Jan, B, THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS!

Jerry, this is Ed! All those things being said is from all the "nay-sayers." Dr. Simeons' Protocol is not something new. There have been thousands and thousands of successful cases (male and female) with no ill side effects. I have had none of the issues you are referring to. BTW, this is not anything close to Steroids or HCH! HCG is a natural hormone. Let me know if you have another questions! Again I've been overweight my entire life and because of this Protocol and the HCG I'm finally losing weight and feeling better than I ever have-you should go for it!

We appreciate all your visits-we'll update again soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ed: P2D4- Holding strong...


Yesterday: 231.0
Today: 229.0
Release: -2.0
Total R4 Release: -9.0

I felt like I was eating all day and I'm down another .4-I'll take it!

Ed's Menu:
B: coffee w/2 Tbls Soy Milk & Stevia
S: 1/2 grapefruit
L: chili made with 96/4 beef, 1 whole egg
D: grilled chicken salad topped with 1/2 chopped apple & ginger dressing, 2 melba crackers
1.5 L water, lots and lots of coffee

9 POUNDS ALREADY!!! I think he's going to break his own record for the most lbs. lost in one week (on all the rounds). He's still holding strong and hasn't deviated! I kind of feel bad when I'm making myself snacks and he doesn't get any! I was once again reminded yesterday though while I was preparing his meals that you can eat a decent amount of food for only 500 cals (especially salads since lettuce has so few cals).

Ya'll thanks so much for all your comments. Ed reads the comments daily and really appreciates that you're here for him!

So on that note, how 'bout them comments-
Moni Moni- YES, Ed is totally in the zone! I did change things up a bit yesterday (it was time for some fresh, raw food) but he still pulled a 2 pounder. I'm curious to see how Nakia will do with the beef twice a day. I have learned through all the rounds that protein is key! I even do 4 oz if the meat is really lean (turkey breast or chicken breast). Thanks AGAIN for your comments about the pics...we really feel great and I can't wait to see Ed after another 30 lbs-hubba, hubba!

Becca- I know, isn't it crazy how these guys lose so much? You know it's because they have more to lose. As your experiencing-the closer you get to your goal weight the slower it takes! My last 10 lbs felt like an eternity! And yes, I am so sweet for making all his meals-LOL!

Bizzy Biz- You always have our "back" dontcha! I appreciated the Anon comment. They didn't know what they were saying. We are the ones who have lost the weight and time will prove us right! I just think it's funny they did it Anon-it reminds me of the scrawny punk kid that wouldn't say anything to your face-they would wait until they were down the block before they yell something so that they could yell and run!!! We love you too Bizzzzzzzzzz!

B- Hi B! I have you added to my "daily doses" so we'll be watching you! Okay so this weekend you start right? P2 is so comforting isn't it?!

Aimie- OH NO, he has passed ya girl! How about me and you compete okay? I need to lose 3.2. Now we both know you'll beat me so does that make you feel any better? Girl, I feel your pain being with your "I eat-what-I-want-when-I-want man." Just remember P2 is so short term and before you know it you'll be at goal and so grateful you resisted and stayed strong. IT'S SO WORTH IT!

We wanted to let you all know that we did a video regarding some of the questions that were asked on the Mike and Juliet Show. We only did one take (so please bare with us). If ya'll are curious feel free to check it out at: (part 1)
& (part 2)

Okay well that's all she wrote for now! Have a great day friends and don't do anything Ed wouldn't! ROFL

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ed: P2D3 Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Yesterday: 235.0
Today: 231.0
Release: -4.0
Total R4 Release: -7.0


What? It's Monday again already!!! Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Ed is off to a GREAT start! It's amazing to me that in just 2 VLCD days he has already lost 7 lbs. On the last round Ed's favorite meal was chili so I've been making that for him for the past 2 days, as both meals (he's so easy to please). For his fruit he's been eating 1/2 grapefruit in the morning and the other half in the evening. Yesterday he was saying that he can tell he has HCG back in his system because he hasn't felt any hunger!

I want to get back down to my more realistic weight of 120 lbs (115 was a bit low for my maintenance weight). Since before Mexico I have not exercised, I was planning on it today but it's so rainy outside so tomorrow will be day! It shouldn't take me long to lose these last few pounds. It's such a wonderful feeling to eat what I feel like eating and not gain (granted I eat lots of organic fruits, veggies, no processed or fried foods). I've even had pasta and rice this week and I weigh less than my last weigh in! LOVE IT!!!

In response to comments:
Aime- Hey girly! It's so unfair how good guys do on this protocol-lucky dawgs!!! Well Mr. Ed is determined to have his weight gone by the end of May and if he's a "good boy" he just may. Tattoo? c'mon hurry Aim!

Becca- "NO GRAVY" train is right! It does seem strange having him on P2 on me not. I keep telling him that I feel like "I'm forgetting something." Thank goodness I'm at goal because I wouldn't want to do it again. His mind set is so much stronger this round than any other round (probably because he knows not only does he have ME but he has ya'll to whip him into shape)!

Marrray- D'hope (stupid TOM)! Okay we're on our way to "slap our sista silly"-love ya girl and you'll have the small gain lost in a couple of days!

Anonymous- Thanks for your comment! We worked really hard for those gains living it up in Mexico for 10 days (not being on a diet)! You wouldn't believe how much food we ate for that small of a gain! After a few days of being home we were at the same weights as we were before we left! Ed was trying to set a record on his 2 load days for his 4th round (and he feels he accomplished that-LOL). Amazingly in just 2 days he's already lost 7 lbs! In 7 1/2 months of doing this protocol this is the farthest thing from any "band-aid therapy" we have seen and done! One thing Ed and I know for a fact is that if we aren't getting the results, we are NOT following the protocol. I seem to be "stuck" between 121-125 lbs and a size 4 no matter what I eat! Not bad considering I've been off my last round and eating normally for over 8 weeks (most people have a hard time not gaining even when they are on a diet).

Jan- And how YOU been? Yeah that's it, I'll just have Biz handle Ed this round (except she doesn't scare him)! LOL

Shell- Ya'll are so funny! I'm looking forward to his antics too! LOL Like I've mentioned he has a new found determination this round to get this done ONCE and for ALL! Keep the faith!!

It's so exciting to have so many people on P2! Hope ya'll have a great week, keep shrinking!!!

Thanks for checking on us!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

VLCD #1- Here we go again!!!


Today: 238.0

And he's off.....

Ed started out right, he really lived up his 2 loading days. Last round he said he didn't load enough so he had to make sure that he didn't let that happen again (wink, wink).

It's been really funny listening to Ed's new found determination for doing this round better than any other round and "going until I get to 199 lbs, however long it takes!" You tell 'em hun!

I feel out of the loop planning for Ed's food and not planning for "our" food. I plan on cooking us the same meals (I'll just eat more). I'm excited for Ed to hit goal-if he doesn't deviate he could lose some pounds FAST! In previous rounds he always had great losses but would deviate-so I think he's determined enough this round to get it done (especially since it's going to be his last round).

Things are settling down a bit. On Monday I'll start back into my fitness program. I have been feeling great! My last weigh in I was 125.2, I'm going to get back down to 120 as my maintenance weight. This week I'll stick to mostly proteins and raw foods.

Well shoot it's been so long since I've responded to comments so, in response to comments:
Bizinator- I know, aren't those pics perfect pics of paradise? I always get bugged that Ed takes so many pictures but thank goodness he does!!! Biz, thanks for everything-I love you!

B- Hey you!! Thanks so much for your comments and checking on us and thanks for your sweet compliments. I need to go check on ya!

Marrray Moe- It's my Texas sis! Glad you liked the pics..."hot" did you call me "hot?" Talking about's almost summer and you better get ready ready to wear a bikini with me!

Amie- Another sweet blogger bud who leaves us the nicest comments-THANKS GIRL! I wonder how you've been doin'-I'm so glad to have you back in Protocoland-we missed ya!

Liz- Awww thanks, you are so sweet. Being on the M&J Show was quite the experience-we are glad we looked normal unlike the psycho Dr.! So glad to hear you'll be starting another round. It seems like so many people are starting! We're here for ya!

Jan- You're so great, thanks so much for being here for us and always cheering us on.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments-ya'll sure know how to make us feel good!

Okay well I'm off to make lunch-have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ed started Round 4 TODAY!!!

Hello to our dear friends!!
Here are a few pics of Mexico and New York. Ed started his first load day today for Round 4-I will be updating with stats tomorrow!
Hope ya'll know how much we appreciate YOU!!!