Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ed: P2D26

Total R4 Loss: -13.2
Current weight: 224.8


When the goin' gets tough...the tough KEEP goin' (this is what Ed said this morning after his injection)! Ya'll this has been the most interesting round for both Ed and I (and I'm not even on a round-LOL). I really commend all of you who have done round after round living with people who are not doing the protocol. We always refer to this protocol and experience as a "Journey" and even with Ed and I being in 2 different stages of this we are both still realizing and learning about our relationship with food and why we were overweight. By golly I think we're getting it!

We had a great weekend and tried to be out as much as possible. We ate crawfish and seafood and enjoyed the HOT weather...NOT! It's been so hot that the only way you can be outside is if you are in the boat on the lake or in the swimming pool!

So as of today Ed is up 2.8 lbs from where he was a week ago. Ed wants to keep going so I mixed him up a new batch of HCG for another 14 days. I wonder if the more rounds you go the more relaxed you get about it. It's so vitally important to follow P2 as written if you want to have optimal results. I believe that the daily losses is what makes this protocol successful and why people stick to it. If you are deviating and not eating the P2 menu you don't get to enjoy those losses that keeps you motivated to keep going. Ed is determined to succeed and go as many rounds as it takes at HIS pace. When he does deviate he doesn't beat himself up or stress about it he just takes it as "I'm not worried about it" so because of that I don't nag or give him "the look" this is his own experience.

So want to hear something really great that happens when your body has found it's set point and why ya'll should keep going and get to that weight that you want to stay at? I've mentioned that I'm eating what I please (I stick to fresh foods and proteins as much as possible). I don't count my cals and I even had a Dairy Queen blizzard and I didn't even go up 1 oz the next day. I couldn't wait to tell ya'll that! Yeah today I'm up 1 lb but I fluctuate up a pound down a pound-it's all gooooooooooooood! As "hard" as those 3 rounds seemed to be at times, it's sooooo worth the reward! Keep going...

Ya'll thanks for the comments! I've decided the easiest thing is making my rounds and leaving comments for you on your blog. My computer time is nothing like it used to be and with summer vacation almost here and 4 kids, it will really be limited. Please know that we do check on all of you! Jerry-bud, you need to email us at je_mcnair at yahoo dot com. Your comment is so funny and we need to correspond through email! Hope things are going well for you!

Alrighty then, we're signing off for now! Take care and have a great rest of the week!


applebottomblues said...

Hey jen! Thanks for letting us know how it's going to be when we hit our goal. That adds even more incentive to stick with it.

Ed... as usual, you're doing great. The attitude you keep about a gain is just what you need to push on. I need to take a page out of your book.

Have a great week you too!

maryg911 said...

Hi Jennay!!! Wow, you guys have been busy. The humidity must be a drag. Glad to hear ya'll are doing great!!

Love ya, take care!!!

Becca said...

Hi Jenn! So good to see a post from you... I'll be updating my blog with a full trip report today. I might even have pics!
I'm glad to hear that Ed is hanging in there even with a gain for the week. And I agree that if you follow the plan you will have results. You can't HELP but have results. It's the deviating that will kill you every time. And knowing how much of a "deviator" Ed was on your last round I can see how this must be so much harder for him since you aren't on P2 with him this time. He has my respect for sticking to it.
So I hope you can help him through this rough spot and make it to the final goal!
I will have to email you about the swimsuit ordeal... it all turned out fine in the end but OMG it was a chore getting there! LOL!

B's Journey said...

Its nice to hear that you guys doing great. I totaly agree with motivation comes from daily losses. With just diet and exercise you give up because you work out like crazy and eat little and see maybe a pound loss end of the week its frustrating. I just want to keep going like Ed and give 3 weeks break when my husband comes for r&r and get back on again and make my goal. Well keep us posted.

Two Doves in Texas said...

Ed and Jenn..
What can I say...Ed, here I am starving myself to keep pace with you and you are eating crawdad's!!!! What the heck is that???(LOL) just kidding. I'm down to 212 this morning. The pants that I brought 3 weeks ago are falling off my tush..
Bottom line.. this stuff works....
So when are we going to get together here. We are TEXANS, and Houston used to be my old stomping ground...


Bill of "Bill and Victoria..."

Two Doves in Texas said...

Awww, Jenn, a blizzard! WOW, girl, I don't care who is suing KT, he meant well to share Dr S protocol to reset the metabolism so it would handle the stuff and the social calendar with wise eating like yours in between.

Love you, Jenn

*the other half of the duo*

triplejtb said...

Glad you are both doing well...think of you often...keep up the good work of maintaining's something we all have to look forward to


Liz said...

Jenn, Thanks for the inspiration! You are right! It is the daily losses that really keep you going. I have deviated a lot this time and am now going on vacation, so hopefully I will get back on track when I get home. YOU are awesome! I am glad you have found your set point and things are working for you! I can't wait til I am there! (about a year... maybe more) But I will hang in there like Ed and go for as long as it takes! Glad to hear you guys are doing good!

TNgal80 said...

Heya guys! Round 4 here I come! LOL Eduardo you are doing great! I am gonna have to catch up. Jen I am so glad you are at your ideal weight. Girl you worked hard and I am so proud of both of you!

Okay so I will chill with the exclamation points. But that being said I am still here and ready to get goin again.

Jerry said...

Jen 'n Ed,


Watch out fat! Here comes skinny daddy! Feeling great, doing great, being great. I'm ecstatic, amazed, surprised, sexy. Wow. My fat is melting away like crisco on the blacktop in the hot sun, on a sunny day, on a summer solstice, with no cloud cover, like the hottest day ever.

I tried emailing you directly, but I get a response saying that your email address doesn't exist. But I know you exist, because you guys are my inspiration, my admiration, and my something-tion. (sorry, couldn't think of anything else that ended in "tion").

By the way, my mom is a total drag with the protocol. She keeps bringing me down. I think she's mad at me because my old fattieness is giving birth to my new skinnyness. My hCG is like a placenta; it gives me new life. She tried to throw my hCG away and kick my cats out of the house. But I told her to stand down, and she did. Who holds the cards now, mom! I do! I control my destiny!

Take care everybody!

Jerry H.
I think y'all know where I'm from now.