Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Want more information about HCG?

Quick Update!

What an amazing experience! We are at the airport now and we will be back to Houston at 5:00 pm. We are so grateful for this opportunity to represent this Protocol and help bring light to the cure to obesity! The results speak for themselves-not only ours but everyone else who has done the Protocol properly. If you are sick of being overweight and tired of dieting you have come to the right community. Like our blog says "know the way, go the way, show the way!"

If you found our blog via the Mike and Juliet Morning Show and are looking for more information regarding HCG, please go here: http://myhcgjourney.com/

I'll update more this evening! THANK YOU again for all of your love, encouragement and support!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The EDventure has begun!!!

Hello friends!

We had to take a minute to update our blog and fill you in on everything!

We arrived in New York yesterday at 1:30 pm. Fox has treated us with first class service starting with a limo which picked us up from the airport and then dropped us off at our hotel which is located across the street from Time Square (Ed is in heaven with all the LED signs)!

The driver then picked us up at 5:00 pm to go the studio to start the "shoot!" Ed and I both did separate interviews where they asked us general questions about being overweight, how we found HCG and how the diet works. After that they took the camera's on the street where they videoed us walking the streets, sitting on a bench at Union Square, going to a cafe having a drink and other various things. It was really funny because people were going up to the camera guys asking who we were and what we were doing. To say the least we had a great time! After the shoot we enjoyed walking downtown and then stopped at a great little place to "people watch" while we ate sushi. Since neither of us have spent much time in NY Ed insisted we take a ride on a "Petty Taxi" (they guys who ride you around in their carts on bicycles) to go to the "Top of the Rock" to view the amazing city-it was so beautiful!

Today we get to enjoy the day in the city and then we have to be at the studio tomorrow morning at 7:30 am to get ready to go LIVE at 9:00 am! We have no idea what to expect but we both feel very optimistic regardless of any opposing views. Ed and I are here to represent and be proof that this protocol WORKS!!!

We want to send you all a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your love, comments and support. We are so grateful for this opportunity and we feel truly blessed that through our HCG journey not only have we lost weight and feel better than EVER-we have become friends with all of you!

We fly home tomorrow afternoon and we are excited and thrilled for what "Edventures" are in store! Please send good vibes our way for the show tomorrow-we will represent HCG and this protocol and the AMAZING results that could benefit MILLIONS! The Mike and Juliet Morning show is on Fox and airs at 9 am and 10 am in various cities (check your local listings). http://www.mandjshow.com/

Okay ya'll we are off for the day! I'll make sure and update when we get home with all the details along with pics of NY and Mexico.

Love you all,
Ed and Jenn

P.S. We weighed yesterday morning before we left and from 2 steak days we are BOTH back to the weight we were before we left for Mexico-can you believe it?! THANK YOU Dr. S!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Paradise Found!

Gain: 6.2

Gain: 8.0

We are back and I'm finally updating our blog! We had the best 10 days we've ever had! The resort that we were originally booked with was really nice but really crowded-so on the 5th day we decided to rent a car and go exploring. We ended up driving about 1.5 hours from Playa Del Carmen and ended up taking the wrong but very "right" turn and came across PARADISE!

Ed is downloading pics and I hope to have them posted by this evening. I would try to explain but words do no justice, let's just put it this way-we ended up checking out of our hotel and extending our vacation so we could stay at our little found paradise as long as possible. Our little palapa was right on the beach and there were only 4 people there the entire time. There was no electricity so at night the only light we had was from candles and the big beautiful moon. We spent most of our days in the hammocks and on the cute canopy beds on the beach. We enjoyed great authentic Mexican food, lots of seafood and fresh sushi and everything else we wanted!

What a great feeling it was to eat and and enjoy our vacation not having to think about being on a diet. Believe it or not we were actually anxious to weigh when we got home just to see how our bodies responded to a full P4 and eating as we please. We both slept in yesterday and weighed in later than usual but we were both surprised and happy to see the gains weren't too bad. Yes, we are both quite a bit over our LIW but to only gain 6 and 8 lbs in 10 days (not to mention water retention from flying) we'll take it! We are doing a steak day today and then we'll be focusing on protein days until Ed starts his next round next week.

We have so much going on right now-back to reality! The only problem with going on vacation is everything is still here waiting to be done when you get home. I'm sure ya'll heard about the morning show that has contacted some of us regarding HCG. We hope to hear something by the end of the day. We'll make sure to keep you posted. We would love the opportunity to share our experience and journey with HCG. There are so many people who are looking for something that actually WORKS and we are the proof!!!

Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments while we were gone. Give us just a few more days and things will be back to "normal!"

Hope you are all doing well and I'll be checkin on ya this evening!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Viva Mexico!!!

Hello Friends-

We are the way out the door but we couldn't leave without bidding farewell! We have been so busy this week getting everything ready and WE ARE READY! We'll be enjoying the warm sun in less than 5 hours from now!

Mexico HERE WE COME!!!

We'll makes sure to have lots lots of yummy food for ya, have lots of fun for ya and lots take lots of pictures!

Take care ya'll! I'll make sure and update when we get home next Wednesday!

Love you all!

P.S. Didn’t weigh today but we have maintained this week. Oh dear what will the scale say when we get home? Oh yeah, WHO CARES?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

P4-Weekly update!

LIW: 115.0
Today: 122.2
LIW: +7.2

LIW: 222.0
Today: 225.0
LIW: +3.0

Well where have ya'll been? (hee, hee) Wow, it's been a whole week since I updated last?! Time flies when you’re having fun! The weather here in Houston is absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful so we've been out as much as possible.

On Sunday we took a wonderful drive to go see the fields of blue bonnets. We took food for a picnic and had our pup Jackson with us-it was a very memorable day (especially dessert)! I was looking through the bag of food that we bought and I noticed a suspicious food...I pull it out and ED had bought a Moon Pie (OMG, the last time I had one of those was when I was like 10 yrs old-him too)! Well the Moon Pie was the start of "gimmie more, I need more...gimmie sugar, any sugar!" After our picnic on our way home I was begging for another one and then Ed suggested Dairy Queen...oh yeah! Ed and I shared a blizzard AND a banana split PLUS a small fry (I will blame Ed for that one too)! Needless to say we were fearful of the scale allllllll week.

It's been a week since we weighed and guess what? We both only gained .6 from a week ago-not bad! I've been walking 60 min or jogging for 40 min each day and that along with my strength training is tightening me up! I used to work out (pre HCG) and I would feel how strong and solid my muscle was but I wasn't seeing much definition (too many layers of fat) so now it's a totally different experience to actually see my muscles and watch them change. I never really understood what overweight people meant when they said that they "hid" under their fat. Now, as I see my body as I'm meant to look I realize how "exposed" I am-nothing to hide behind. It's taking time for me to realize that this is for "real" and that I did get to my goal and that I don't need to diet anymore and most of all that I won't wake up and suddenly gain 50 lbs-I AM IN CONTROL! I think that's why Dr. S says to weigh everyday-to keep you in check and never let our weight get out of control EVER AGAIN!

In 4 days from now we will be in MEXICO!!!! We have been having so much fun shopping and getting ready to go. I bought everything I need except a swim suit (the item I need most)! We plan on going shopping again this weekend. We've been busy with work trying to get everything handled and the days are just flying by.

Thanks for checking on us ya'll-we appreciate your comments! Hope all is well in Protocoland!!!

Much love!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ed: P3D20 Jenn: P4D4 We booked our trip to MEXICO!

P4 Day 4
LIW: 115.0
Today: 121.8
LIW: +6.8

P3 Day 20
LIW: 222.0
Today: 224.4
LIW: +2.4

Guess what???? We are leaving for MEXICO in 11 days!!! We are leaving on April 14th and returning back to Houston on the 22nd! Want to see where we will be staying?


It's an "all inclusive" resort with several restaurants (one being Japanese my fav)! So we are going to be eatin and playing for 10 days! We are so excited we can hardly wait! I told ya'll that my flame bikini is too big so this weekend we are going shopping-could I be so lucky to find another one? I'm actually excited to go swim suit shopping (what a change)!

So I'm now back to 121-which seems to be the weight I keep falling back to! I did the egg day on Tuesday and lost .8 then yesterday I ate lots of protein and only 2 fruits and I had 3 cocktails with vodka and mineral water (with Stevia and limes) and I lost .4-NICE! I've been doing about 45 min of cardio each morning and then my strength training (alternating upper and lower body). Ed is holding strong at just above his 2 lb LIW. If we both could just maintain right here until we go to Mexico we'll be happy! C'mon bodies make this your "set point” actually I want 118 to be my “set point!”

I remember when we did our 1st round we had 4 weeks of P4 and according to my handy dandy calendar it took until day 5 of P4 before we didn't see crazy spikes on the scale with an occasional "treat!" One time we went out and ate sushi and we were stuffed and actually lost the next day! Another time we went out for Mexican food and pigged and lost too! I have faith in this protocol and I know it just takes some time for everything to balance out.

Awww, thanks for your comments my sweet little HCG family! We’re not going anywhere! I love our blog and I love ya'll! Like I wrote to Biz I just don't want anyone to call the Houston PD if I don't write everyday LOL!

Can you believe this week is almost over already?! C'mon time fly...I want to be in Mexico already!!!

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ed: P3D18 Jenn: P4D2 -Ready to start livin' NOT on a diet!

P4 Day 2
LIW: 115.0
Today: 123.0
LIW: +8.0

P3 Day 18
LIW: 222.0
Today: 227.0
LIW: +5.0

Well hello there blogger buds! How the heck are ya? Did it take me long enough to update our blog? Sheesh! Ed and I are such gypsies and you just never know where we are or what we are doing from one day to the next. The weather has been so beautiful here we are trying to get out as much as possible! Yesterday was our super duper spring cleaning which consisted of steam cleaning the carpets along with cleaning windows, blinds, vents, walls and everything else! What an awesome workout!!!

So ya'll I'm officially in P4 and Ed is almost there! We had a great weekend and neither one of us got on the scale. Quite frankly we just needed a break. Today I'm doing an egg day and Ed is doing a protein day so we can get our weekend weight off. I've continued to work out and the soreness is getting better. I read that while working out you can retain as much as 5 lbs in water and that it takes about 4 days for your body to flush it. My focus is on "stabilizing!" I did measurements today and all is well. I was up an inch on my waist last week and now I've gone down .25 so that was a nice surprise!

Thanks so much to Jan, Hazel, Becca, Shelly, Lili, Mary, Liz and Biz for checking on us and leaving comments-ya'll are always here for us!

I don't know if I'll be updating my blog every day. I'm thinking about weighing only once a week and then updating. Now that I've hit my goal I'm ready to start living normally and stop being on a diet and thinking about this 24/7! Even if I don't update I'll still be checkin on ya'll! We are getting anxious to go to Mexico the end of the month and then Ed will be starting his next round!

Hope all is well! Love you guys!