Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ed's R4 is OVER!

Total R4 Loss: -20.2
LIW: 217.8
Today: 218.0


Yep that's right, Ed is finally finished with this round!!! His LIW was on Friday and WE ard both glad he's done ;) Yesterday was his first P3 day and he enjoyed eggs and steak with blue cheese and thought he was in heaven. It was really funny because I was asking him on Sunday what he wants for his first P3 meal and he said "can I do a steak day, even though I'm not over my LIW?" I'm tellin' ya he LOVES the steak days and it doesn't bother him to wait all day to eat (unlike me). Speaking of...

I have to tell ya'll about my experiment. This weekend I "over indulged" on a few starchy items and I gained 3 lbs...I know. Lesson: Don't eat white rice, spring rolls w/peanut sauce, chex mix (don't ask) and roasted soy beans all day. I'm blaming PMS! Okay, so instead of doing a steak day or an egg day I did the "both day"-LOL! Reading Monica's blog reminded me about what Dr. S says about the hunger-edema and to eat 2 eggs in the morning, huge steak at lunch and another steak at dinner (followed by a large helping of cheese). So I decided to try it-even though I wasn't protein deficient-which is why you do this in the first place. Well it was a success-I lost 1.4 which is about what I lose when I do an egg day (I tend to lose more on egg days than steak days). Today I will be doing an egg day to get me back down. You know I've accepted the fact that if I'm going to eat starches and sugar that I'm most likely going to gain. I do my best not to freak out when I see the gains I just decide that moment to get it handled and not have ANOTHER day of sugar or starches. Maintaining is work and I do believe that being thin and staying thin is about making conscious decisions about what I eat. I keep my weight in check by weighing everyday and then if I do see I've gained more than 2 lbs then I make sure and do a protein day. Even though my hypo has been reset the fact is I have to continually make healthy food choices. I'm learning what foods I can have together and which ones I can't. Remember awhile back when I had the DQ blizzard and didn't gain? Looking back on that day I ate mostly proteins. When I combine starches and sugar it seems that's when I get in trouble. I'm learning!

I sure can't wait until you are all at your goal weights. Maintaining and hanging near LIW is a journey in itself. Hurry up, I need ya'll! LOL

Well our life is about to completely change in 1 day! The kids will be here and we have many "Edventures" planned. Camping, fishing, swimming, water parks, skate parks and who knows what else. We are really looking forward to it. I will still update once a week just to keep ya'll informed and to check on you. Please know that even if we don't comment that we do check on each one of you...our blogger buds! We appreciate all of your love and support.

Be well!


BizAdventure said...

Most excellent Jenn! You and Ed are doing it and doing it together, congrats on a successful round Ed - YOU RAWK! I never did get to enjoy that beer with you, I feel sad about that, and this time I am doing 21 days CLEAN - so I will see you on the flip side!

Becca said...

Wow Ed made it through his round with a great loss that he can be proud of. Way to go ED!!!

Sounds like you guys are going to be so super busy for a while. I hope you have an awesome summer with the kids!

maryg911 said...

Jennay, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you checking in on me?! You are a true inspiration to all of us as well as Ed!! Hope you all have a great time on "Edventures"!!

Love ya, take care you two!!

triplejtb said...

Excellent results Ed...congrats...Are you both at goal now? So, glad you are hanging in there Jenn...soon we'll all be joining ya...


Jerry said...

Jen 'n Edwardo,


Hey y'all! Glad to see that you are doing great. Hang in there and keep up the good work.

I had setback last weekend. I was driving down the street when I saw one of those guys dressed up in a chicken costume waving a banner in front of a KFC. Even though the guy was dressed up like a chicken, all I saw was a deep fried drum stick. It was a surreal moment because it was kind of like the cartoons where the chicken was Tweety Bird and I was Sylvester the Cat. I literally wanted to pull my car over and "Jump 'n Hump the Chicken." I use quotation marks because after this experience at KFC, which I'll get into in a second, I mixed a song I titled "Jump 'n Hump the Chicken."

It goes like this:
Jump the Chicken
Hump the Chicken
Jump the Chicken
Hump the Chicken

Then it repeats 6 1/2 times. This doesn't do it justice because you can't hear the beat of the music. But the lyrics are good, don't you think? Notice the correlation that chickens lay eggs, and I've been eating eggs? Cool, huh!

Anyway, I went to KFC and ordered a big bucket of chicken. Apparently, while I was eating, I was making some "disgusting, snorting" noises that some other patrons in KFC complained about. The manager came and told me to stop, to which I said, "Shut up! You're just an evil fattie propagator! Stand down, chicken man!" Well, he didn't take too kindly to this and asked me to leave. Looking back, I'm glad he did because I shouldn't have been there in the first place. But while I was leaving, I heaved my bucket of gnawed on chicken bones at the manager. He didn't chase me, phew!

I feel guilty now. I'm sorry for letting y'all down. I'll be good from now on.

jerry h.
Notice the lower case "j" and "h." That's because I'm "low" on myself right now.

B's Journey said...

Ed did great Big Congrats! you also handled the gain and got rid of it in no time my friend. ;) Learning how to eat makes huge difference. I just can't wait to eat normal food and not go out of control. I already started to pay attantion to restaurant menus.lol.
You guys have fun ;)

Matt said...

Hello Ed and Jennifer,
I'm relatively new to the protocol and came across your blog. I found the protocol to be rather difficult at times. It's great to read positive experiences from other protocol adherents. I find renewed strength and support from your experience, as well as others. It sounds like you two are both having wonderful success. I wish you the best of luck.- Cheers.

Liz said...

Hey you guys! Hope the summer is going great for Ya'll. Sounds like Ed made it through another round with flying colors! Good job! Kudos to you Ed! I like what you said about just maintaining is a journey in itself Jenn. You are so right! I have made it back home from the beach (where I didn't follow any kind of protocol whatsoever) and have pretty much negated any progress I had going on this round.... but hey, I am back, and checking in with my buds HAS inspired me to get back on track! All you blog buddies are such good friends! So... does Jerry have a blog? OMG he is so friggin funny!