Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life is gooooood!

LIW: 217.8
Today: 222.0


Hollllllllllllllllah! How is everybody? We wanted to give ya'll a quick update. We picked the kids up from the airport last Wednesday and when they saw us they were surprised at how different we look. We are having such a great time with them and what's even better is we feel so good and have so much energy to play with them rather than watch them play! Ed and I keep thinking back to last summer and how different we felt-what a difference 45 and 60 pounds make!

We are doing great as far as the scale goes too! Ed is up a little today because he ate some of the brown rice that I made for dinner last night. I ate the brown rice too and didn't gain-hee, hee! I made the most delicious low carb cheesecake too-here is the recipe:,,FOOD_9936_27072,00.html

I'm still shocked at how much food we can eat and still maintain. It's been 3 months since I've been done with the protocol and I'm STILL staying at the same weight. I remember reading in the manuscript that the success rate is 60%-70%-what other "diets" have those numbers? Each day when we step on the scale we feel excited that we actually found something that WORKED! How great life is not having to be on a DIET!!!!

We've hardly been on the computer since the kids have been here but I still make time to check on ya'll! Thanks for always checking on us too! We are having such a great time and enjoying being with our kids so much. We really cherish the time we have with them because they grow up so fast-whaaaaaaa!

We have another fun filled day ahead so I better get this posted! I'll make sure and update again soon. Stay cool and be safe! Love you guys!


B's Journey said...

You guys doing great!! I love cheesecake so I sure will try that whenever I'm allow to eat some delicious food.. lol.
Enjoy the HOT TX WEATHER!! lol
Take Care

B's Journey said...

I also wanted to thank you for checking up on me and leaving me lovely comments..It means a lot!

Two Doves in Texas said...

Hey Jenn....I just checked in on you and there is a new update!
You go - have lotsa fun with the kids and yeah, playing is a lot easier with all the old fat released, huh? I love it!

Loves you guys,


Liz said...

Hey guys! Great to see all is going well! I am sure that your energy is very different from last year! What a great gift for the kids too! You are right.... I've never seen another "diet" with these kinds of numbers. And to think of those silly "professionals" appearing on the Morning Show with all their negativity! Well, the proof is in the pudding! (or no pudding! LOL)

Keep having fun with the kids! xxxooo

maryg911 said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing great!! Have fun with all the kiddos!!!

Love ya, take care!!!

Becca said...

I always look forward to seeing an update from you guys. Thanks for letting us know how you're doing. I bet it was a blast seeing their reaction to the new yous!!!
And it's fun to hear about all your summer activities so please keep us posted.
Take care...

Lili said...

It really is a miracle to lose that much weigt -- what a great example you are to the kids -- getting healthy. Keep us posted!

HCG Solution said...

You look fantastic! I can't believe the before and after pics. I am new to the HCG scene and it gives me hope to hear that it really does work. So, are you still careful about what you eat?

smacmo said...

Jennifer! Look at you guys! Isn't maintaining the best???? I still need to do another round, but I'm thinking that I will probably wait until October. Too many cycling things going on...Have fun with the kids!

EweWho said...

Hey, girlie-girl! Look at your sassy self, maintaining like you are doing. Wonderful!

Things are hopping on the forum. We are up to almost 500 members (probably will be by the time you get around to reading this!)

Enjoy the kids while you have them!

Lindsey said...

You guys are an inspiration. I have been on the diet for 4 days, shot 6 today. I have lost 10 lbs. and I have 30 to go. I am hoping that this gets easier and that I can get a little more creative with the food. Let me know if you have any ideas that will help. I have added a link to your blog on my blog. I hope that is okay. Thanks ,lindsey

Rod said...

Where the hell are you guys?

Rod said...

Have you fallen off the diet? I am worried about you.

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